Avril’s song to fill the Canadian sky

Kingston, ON – Avril Lavigne’s heart-felt song, “I’m With You”, has been selected as the first song to fill the skies over Toronto, Canada in an upcoming acoustic magic show developed by Reichen Minogue of IMXLabs. Dubbed as the “show to end all shows”, Minogue prepares the Canadian population for a “grand event” which will “dazzle humanity”.

“The concept is a magical performance unlike any other prior magic-based stage production. Using advances in acoustic broadcasting and quantum sonic mechanics, we have eliminated the need for speakers outright. Music will literally engulf the entire greater Toronto area leaving no space void of Avril Lavigne’s voice. Her song will be heard in the middle of the night by no less than five million people during a single daily broadcast to be repeated over fourteen subsequent days”, he stated during a recent telephone interview.

The show has been titled as ‘The Gabriel’s Trumpet Project’ and is currently still within pre-production in Cairo, Egypt by Artist Group Agency (AGA) and Reichen Group Corp (RGC).

No show date has been released.

Source: http://www.avrilramonalavigne.com/viewtopic.php?t=108

Evan Taubenfeld Leaves Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne’s guitarist Evan Taubenfeld left a message for all the fans and fansites indicating he’s out of Avril’s band.

“The last three years have been some of the best in my life,” Evan Taubenfeld wrote.

“I couldn’t have done any of it without the amazing support of all of my awesome fans. You all have been the best fans in the world and I appreciate all that you have given me, I consider every one of you a friend. I look forward to this next step in my life and career and hope you will all come along for the ride. Its gonna be fun!”

For details, head on over to his official space on the www: www.evanworld.net

Avril’s World Is In Disjointedly Edited Vignettes

Malcolm X Abram of the Acron Beacon Journal reviewed Avril Lavigne’s new CD/DVD ‘My World’.

He writes, “The backstage featurette look at Avirl Lavigne reinforces her image as a typical boisterous teen-ager, albeit one surrounded by a supportive staff. There’s nothing revelatory shown about being an 18 year old pop star on the road for the first time in the disjointedly edited vignettes, but the converted will love every minute.”

Make what you will of it.

Avril Lavigne And Her Dating Rules

Avril Lavigne’s dating rules were explained by the pop punkster herself, saying she’d have to see a boyfriend, if she actually had one, at least four times a week and that would mean that she has to choose between her career and romance.

She said, “I think being single at this point is pretty cool because I can be myself without worrying about, for instance, if I dress a certain way, will he think I look good.”

Avril admits that her bouncer keeps a lot of potential suitors away, “If any guy approached me, he’d probably have to go through the bouncer first and would have to tell the guy to beat it before ending up to the lovely me.”

Avril Lavigne Goes Five Times Platinum In The US Of A

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Avril Lavigne’s debut ‘Let Go’ has been certified five times platinum, making the pint-sized 18 year old Canadian singer’s album one of the top 10 best-selling debuts by a female artist, according to the Recording Industry Association of America certifications for last month.

When told of her success, Avril said “Phwoar, is that for real? Man, that’s so effing rocky! I am happy.”

Avril Lavigne Thinks Vaneesa Carlton And Michelle Branch Look Alike

Avril Lavigne revealed, when speaking to the press, that she finds Vanessa Carlton looks very much like Michelle Branch.

“They both look alike. It’s weird actually” the 17 year old popster said.

She also went on to disclose how Vanessa Carlton changed her appearance to set herself apart from rival Michelle Branch.

“I heard she cut her bangs just because everyone thought she looked like that Michelle Branch. I mean she does look like her but I guess with those bangs off, she doesn’t anymore” Avril said.

Avril Lavigne Moves On To Dissing Christina Aguilera And Males

Avril Lavigne weighed in on being termed ‘the anti-Britney’ the other day, speaking to journalists.

“I don’t like that term ‘the anti-Britney.’ It’s stupid” Avril protests. “Frankly, I don’t believe in that. She’s a human being. God, leave her alone!”

Now that she has stopped dissing Britney, Avril seems to have moved on to slamming her more explicit counterpart, Christina Aguilera.

“Oh my god! Have you seen Christina’s video?” At this, Avril screwed her face into a yucked-out expression at the thought of ‘Dirrty’ and ends it all off by saying “Poor little girl. Sad.”

Interviewed for an issue for TV Guide, Avril Lavigne got asked about having her share of relationship troubles. “Any guy that I’ve ever dated… Guys just suck, man” she sighed.

“They’re so, like, confusing. Relationships are hard. And every relationship I’ve been in has always p****d me off. Guys just don’t know how to express themselves.”