Avril Lavigne Moves On To Dissing Christina Aguilera And Males

Avril Lavigne weighed in on being termed ‘the anti-Britney’ the other day, speaking to journalists.

“I don’t like that term ‘the anti-Britney.’ It’s stupid” Avril protests. “Frankly, I don’t believe in that. She’s a human being. God, leave her alone!”

Now that she has stopped dissing Britney, Avril seems to have moved on to slamming her more explicit counterpart, Christina Aguilera.

“Oh my god! Have you seen Christina’s video?” At this, Avril screwed her face into a yucked-out expression at the thought of ‘Dirrty’ and ends it all off by saying “Poor little girl. Sad.”

Interviewed for an issue for TV Guide, Avril Lavigne got asked about having her share of relationship troubles. “Any guy that I’ve ever dated… Guys just suck, man” she sighed.

“They’re so, like, confusing. Relationships are hard. And every relationship I’ve been in has always p****d me off. Guys just don’t know how to express themselves.”

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