The Streets’ Mike Skinner, His Drunk Sister And Coldplay

Mike Skinner of The Streets spoke with CD:UK about a recent run-in with Chris Martin and his wife Gwyneth Paltrow that went bad after Mike Skinner’s liquored up sister spilled a drink all over the Coldplay frontman.

“My sister came with me and she was really drunk,” he said. “She spilt a glass of wine over Chris so we left. I had to pull my sister away and we went home. Plus I never spoke with Chris ever again. I don’t quite know where to hide my face ya know.”

The Streets Not Arrogant

Aidin Vaziri of The San Francisco Chronicle caught up with Mike Skinner, aka the Streets, and asked the English rapper if he thought it was kind of egotistical to rap about himself so much.

“I don’t think what I’m doing is arrogant,” he said.

“If you’re telling a story, you have to tell it from your perspective. That’s just the way I’m telling my stories. It’s not like, ‘Hey, look at me. I’m great’.”

The Streets Didn’t Think His Music Would Appeal And Sell

Mike Skinner, also known as The Streets, who again addressed comparisons to fellow white rapper Eminem.

“It’s great to be talked about alongside him and not someone like Vanilla Ice” said Mike Skinner. “But I don’t really think we’re alike really, other than both of us being lairy”. (Brit slang for controversial).

Mike seems as surprised about his success in England as anyone else admitting, “I knew I was doing something no one else had ever done and I knew people would respect it. I never thought it would sell. No one ever thought it would sell. Even the people who bought it never thought it would sell.”

The Streets Post Online Mix LP

UK garage poet Mike Skinner, better known as The Streets, has uploaded a personal mix album onto his official cybersite, located at

To find a blend of songs which apparently inspired the young Mike, simply click your way into the ‘sneaky previews’ section of his cybersite.

The online album features the tracks:

Bilal – Fast Lane (Streets Bootleg)

Wu-Tang Clan – In The Hood

The Streets – Pure Garage

DJ Faz – Destiny

Lucy Pearl – Dance Tonight

Busta Rhymes – Gimme Some More (Streets Rowdy Bootleg)

DMX – Who We Be

More Fire Crew – Oi!

Mr Vegas – She’s A Ho

Aphrodite – Arsonist (Streets Less Ave It Bootleg)

House – Trick Daddy,

Tyree Cooper – Swing (Yardly Mix)

The Streets – Irony Bootleg

Method Man – Judgement Day (Roni Size Mix)

Redman – Doggz 2 (Streets Bootleg)

Method Man feat. Teddy Riley – Party,

Iconz – Get Crunked Up

The Streets – Don’t Mug Yourself.

The Streets’ next single, ‘Weak Become Heroes’, will be released come 8th of July.

The Streets Become Heroes

UK garage poet Mike Skinner also widely known as The Streets is set to release his fantstatic ‘Weak Become Heroes’ as his next single during mid-July.

‘Weak Become Heroes’ will be his 3rd single to be harvested from his acclaimed debut album, ‘Original Pirate Material’. The number would take you back to the days of acid house, giving respect to the likes of Danny Rampling and Paul Oakenfold along the way.

The single will come backed by remixes from X-Press 2’s Ashley Beedle and Black Science Orchestra.

‘Weak Become Heroes’ can be heard online at his authourized webpage, proudly located at so go check it out.

Support this brilliant guy, fellahs. He’s great. It’s a pity he’s just being overlooked over other not-so-good acts. This track of his, I would give 3.5 stars out of 5. Request it or buy it at all good stores.