Puddle Of Mudd Working On Follow-up LP

Puddle Of Mudd have revealed a few details about their follow-up to last year’s ‘Come Clean’.

Singer Wes Scantlin, guitarist Paul Phillips, drummer Greg Upchurch and bassist Doug Ardito are cohabitating in a rented house turned home studio in Los Angeles, writing and recording demos for their second major-label LP, according to an Interscope Records spokesperson.

Recent late-night jam sessions led to the birth of two more songs, which brings the total number of tunes banked to eight, and they expect to develop five more before they hit an undisclosed studio in two or three weeks.

Puddle Of Mudd’s CD/DVD Coming Soon

Puddle Of Mudd has a real treat in the works for you.

Frontman Wes Scantlin says they’re hoping soon to put out a CD/DVD.

And you can count on the fact that the whole package will cover eveything. Wes has been shooting footage ever since they signed a record deal. He’s got fifty plus tapes to sift from to get just the right footage for all their fans.


Puddle Of Mudd Not A Boy Band

Puddle Of Mudd have slammed reports that they are puppets of Fred Durst after recent reports suggested that the Limp Bizkit frontman pulls all the strings in the band.

Speaking exclusively to a UK website, lead singer Wes Scantlin said “Some press have said that we are ‘rock’s very first boy band’ which is completely untrue. We’re a real rock ‘n’ roll band man! We write all of our own songs, we play all of our own instruments, nobody writes our songs for us and whoever said that can just kiss my skinny ass.”

Puddle Of Mudd became the first band to be signed by Fred Durst to his own Flawless label after Wes bluffed his way backstage at a Bizkit gig and gave Fred a demo tape of his own songs.

Fred then promptly helped Wes to recruit the rest of the band and the Limp Bizkit singer soon produced Puddle Of Mudd’s debut album ‘Come Clean’, as well as directing a number of videos.

Puddle Of Mudd release ‘Blurry’ from the ‘Come Clean’ album come 27th of May in the UK. The band are supporting Korn on a tour across the US this summer, but they are back in the UK over the August Bank Holiday for the Carling Weekender.

Puddle Of Mudd Comes Clean

Faking a backstage pass and handing a demo tape to Fred Durst at a Limp Bizkit concert in Kansas, Puddle Of Mudd may have never enjoyed commercial success at all. Last week, they entered the UK charts at a No.15 slot for their incredible debut offering ‘Control’. Their virgin album ‘Come Clean’ can be found in stores right now and has sold over 1.3 million copies in the US alone.

Signed on to Fred Durst’s Flawless Records, Puddle Of Mudd consist of singer/guitarist Wes Scantlin, guitarist Paul Phillips, bassist Doug Ardito and drummer Greg Upchurch.Puddle Of Mudd revealed their true feelings recently on the whole Britney phenomenon and the lack of non-manufactured pop dominating the charts nowadays and this is what lead singer Wesley had to say “I like listening to artists that write their own music. It really, really connects the band to the music.” He went on to diss artists who don’t write their own songs as “puppets”. Paul, the guitarist, added: “Actually, I like her when the mute button is on. If the volume is down all the way, she’s great”.

If you liked their first smash hit ‘Control’, then you definitely wouldn’t want to miss their follow up track entitled ‘Blurry’ which just happens to be a personal favourite of mine.

Anyway, Wesley and company can be found on their official home on the web at: www.puddleofmudd.com