Bellefire Return

Irish beauties Bellefire are all set for an imminent return to the pop scene, almost two years since they were dropped by record label Virgin.

The trio were not deterred by the heafty blow and continued in the fight towards pop stardom, taking inspiration and advice from idols such as U2’s Bono. Eventually taken on EastWest records, who sport a whole line of top names such as The Darkness, David Gray and Blazin Squad, the talented singers have put all their efforts into writing and recording their own material ready for a second shot.

First single ‘Say Something Anyway’, already having enjoyed it’s first national UK radio play, is set for release early April in the UK, with Ireland running two weeks prior. An album ‘Spin the Wheel’ will follow soon afterwards. for more information.

Dannii Minogue Speaks To Elle India About Sibling Rivalry And More

Dannii Miongue flew into India recently and spoke with Elle India about a whole bunch of things. Below’s an excerpt of the article.

When asked how she grew up, she replied “Most kids went on to do nothing after Young Talent Time, the Australian version of the Mickey Mouse Club. But I got a recording contract at 16.”

“At 19 I launched worldwide! My album “Love And Kisses” was a hit.” Just like her most recent album “Neon Lights”. It stormed the charts.

A straight A student, she told her parents she would go back to school to become a director but deals kept coming along. Now a celebrated Londoner with a successful career in pop music, she is delighted that her music is the catalyst that allows her to travel to exotic locales like India.

Dannii also talked about the media as well, comparing her to her sister, Kylie. She says, “When silly newspapers write ‘sibling rivalry’ it makes me see red. People sometimes think we manage each other and that we sit and conspire as to what we should do and what we shouldn’t do. But the fact is that it is an emotional bond between us.”

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Meanwhile, Dannii is said to have recorded some songs and will clock in more studio time later this month to complete the followup to “Neon Nights”. It’s scheduled to be out later in the year.

Damon Dash Sick Of Beng Called Posh Spice’s Best Friend

The Evening Standard reports Damon Dash says he is sick of being called former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham’s best friend.

The hip hop mogul explained, “Since my affiliation with Victoria I have come into the public eye on another level. In hip hop circles people know who I am. See I’ve made history you know.”

He added, “I don’t want to be known as Victoria’s mentor, Victoria’s best friend or Victoria’s producer. I want to be known as Damon Dash CEO of Roc-A-Fella Records, Rocawear and films.”

The rapper also called the rape allegation against him “ridiculous.”

Kym Marsh Is Dumped By Her Label

The Mirror reports former Hear’Say singer Kym Marsh has been dumped by her label Universal Records after an embarrassing string of flops.

“In the end it was a matter of when, not if, Kym was going to be dropped,” an insider revealed.

“The bottom line is she wasn’t selling records and we couldn’t see how it was going to be turned around. Universal is desperate to save money and this week there were 40 redundancies. This is no time for sentimentality.”

Norah Jones To Break All Records Again?

Norah Jones will be releasing her first single off her new record entitled “Sunrise” real soon and the excitement’s been building.

The music industry and countless fans are looking at her 10th February US release of “Feels Like Home” as the first potential smash of 2004.

“We expect the new album to be the No. 1 seller for Sam Goody in its first week,” says Donna Beadle, spokeswoman for Sam Goody parent Musicland.

Indeed, anticipation for her sophomore Blue Note album is running extremely high after the success of 2002’s “Come Away With Me,” which swept last year’s Grammy Awards.

By the time the Grammy frenzy rolled around, Jones had learned how to handle the ever-present spotlight, but not before contemplating walking away, she reveals in one of her first interviews about the new album.

“I did, at one point in May 2002, feel too much weight,” the Indian/Caucasian beauty said. “I let people know I had a limit and there were just certain things we don’t want to do, like not have so much work without a few days off. And I thought, ‘If this is how it’s going to be, I don’t want to do this.'”I’m really thankful that I know what my limits are and that I can exercise my right to say no.”

That attitude should serve her well this time around. Jones admits to getting uptight about the project, but only when someone asks her how much pressure she feels. “Every single person and their mama asks me that,” the 24-year-old singer says.

Though it’s unrealistic to expect “Feels Like Home” to match the stratospheric sales of “Come Away With Me,” Blue Note executives know that even stellar sales could be viewed as disappointing if they don’t reach the same high watermark.

“I think it’s crazy to say it will sell more than 18 million,” Blue Note president/CEO Bruce Lundvall adds.

Crazy, maybe, but that’s the benchmark set by Jones’ first album, “Come Away With Me.” It sold 18 million units worldwide, according to her label.

Good luck, Norah.

Madonna To Star In Friends Spin-Off Show?

News is out that seem to suggest that the Queen of Pop, Madonna has been offered to star with Matt LeBlanc in his new ‘Friends’ spin-off show following a flop audition by former Spice Girl, Geri Halliwell.

“We were impressed with Madonna’s turn in ‘Will & Grace’,” said a source at Warner Bros.

“She is ideal for us as an actress and is a big name too.” A secret meeting between Matt, his people and the Material Girl has been penciled in for next week.

D&G To Dress Atomic Kitten

Dolce & Gabanna will be providing all the outfits for Atomic Kitten’s forthcoming UK tour which kicks off on the 18th February. A spokesman said “The girls’ exclusive D&G tour wardrobe will range from super-sexy, street-raider micro shorts paired with tight tops, romantic, see-through, chiffon baby-dolls, to hippy-style, bell-bottomed, flower power embroidered jeans and vests in an explosion of colour, glamour and funk!”

Victoria Beckham probably won’t be too pleased with this, considering how much of their clothes she wears and the fact that she hates Jenny Frost. Plus, the fact that the Beckhams are best friends with the designers.

‘Say Something Anyway’ Hits Core Control

Bellefire’s single ‘Say Something Anyway’ is now available on GWR’s Core Control programme 7pm-10pm weeknights. You can vote to hear the song by visiting, and clicking on Control / Take Control. Alternatively, you can text 82122.

If your local radio station doesn’t have Core Control, check out Sky Digital 871 or go to and listen to any of the radio stations there.

If you haven’t already heard this fantastic new single, this is your chance! Simply get voting!