Dannii Minogue Lands GBP3 Million Deal, Says You Won’t Forget About Her

Dannii Minogue’s just signed a GBP3 million deal with All Around The World records, home of Kelly Llorenna and Frankee.

According to a pop spy, the new single due for release in September, is called You Won’t Forget About Me and it is going to be a big hit.

They added, “Dannii is tough. When things didn’t work out at Warners she kept working on new material. She’s convinced her new stuff is her best.”

Dannii Minogue Speaks To Elle India About Sibling Rivalry And More

Dannii Miongue flew into India recently and spoke with Elle India about a whole bunch of things. Below’s an excerpt of the article.

When asked how she grew up, she replied “Most kids went on to do nothing after Young Talent Time, the Australian version of the Mickey Mouse Club. But I got a recording contract at 16.”

“At 19 I launched worldwide! My album “Love And Kisses” was a hit.” Just like her most recent album “Neon Lights”. It stormed the charts.

A straight A student, she told her parents she would go back to school to become a director but deals kept coming along. Now a celebrated Londoner with a successful career in pop music, she is delighted that her music is the catalyst that allows her to travel to exotic locales like India.

Dannii also talked about the media as well, comparing her to her sister, Kylie. She says, “When silly newspapers write ‘sibling rivalry’ it makes me see red. People sometimes think we manage each other and that we sit and conspire as to what we should do and what we shouldn’t do. But the fact is that it is an emotional bond between us.”

For all this and more, click on the following link http://www.ellenow.com/features/diva.htm

Meanwhile, Dannii is said to have recorded some songs and will clock in more studio time later this month to complete the followup to “Neon Nights”. It’s scheduled to be out later in the year.

Dannii Minogue Bans Jordan, Jodie Marsh From Attemding Her Bash

For her 32nd birthday bash on Monday night at London’s Embassy club, Dannii Minogue banned mega-boobed pin-ups Jordan and Jodie Marsh from attending it.

“It might seem snobbish, but actually it isn’t if you’d think about it. All she wanted her night to be was something of a classy affair, and definitely didn’t want the likes of Jordan and Jodie turning up with their boobs and butts hanging out. Just ruining and cheapening the whole exclusivity” an insider remarked.

A spokesperson for Dannii explained, “Dannii doesn’t know Jordan or Jodie and would only have invited people she knew.”

Danni Minogue Sexier Than Kylie?

For the first time in several years, Kylie Minogue didn’t make Who Weekly’s annual list of the 20 Sexiest People, but her sexy sheila of a sister Dannii Minogue did.

The magazine’s executive editor Kellie Hush tells the papers, “Dannii was chosen because she has finally come into her own and we no longer just think of her as Kylie’s little sister.”

“She has found a real nice exclusive niche with dance music and found herself, her confidence and her own individuality, which are all really sexy qualities which personifies what a babelicious sheila she is.”

“People have been coming up an saying that they prefer Dannii becasue she is so much more sexier than Kylie ever was. All that led to us to include Dannii this year and not Kylie.”

Dannii Minogue Sings About Her Dildo On New Album

Dannii Minogue is hoping that her forthcoming album will enter high on the charts thanks to a novel gimmick of writing about her dildo.

The track, called ‘Vibe On’, was written as an ode to her vibrator, and has made the final tracklistings of her album, ‘Neon Nights’, to be released on the 17th of March.

Her new single entitled ‘I Begin To Wonder’ has gone on to quickly become one of the most requested songs in clubs and radios these days.

Dannii Minogue Disses Holly Valance, Admits UK Great Launching Pad For Popstars

Dannii Minogue, speaking to the press, admitted that the UK is by far the best place in the world to kick-off an international pop career.

“It’s because it’s the best place to earn money and it’s also a good place to start in the music industry as you get more international recognition over here” Dannii explained.

“But it’s still hard. So many people have come over from Australia to try to crack Britain, but there’s only me, Kylie and Natalie Imbruglia still here.”

When a journalist reminded Dannii about Holly Valance’s appearance on the charts, Dannii sniped “Well, that girl’s not been on the scene for a year yet. There have been plenty of Australian one-hit wonders.”

Bitching aside, Dannii said she’s looking forward to the release of her fourth album, which is due out early next year, and that she’s never felt as confident as artist as she does right now.

“I’ve improved the most in my singing over the last year” she admitted. “It’s really exciting because I’ve learned to control my voice, and now I don’t always sound like me. I had voice training for the musical Notre Dame. When I then went into the recording studio it was like doing an exam, I really noticed the difference.”

Dannii Minogue Opens Up About Her Love

Dannii Minogue, who releases her comeback single ‘Put The Needle On It’ on the 4th of November has opened up about her relationship with her boyfriend Craig Logan formerly of 80’s pop group, Bros.

“Everyone knows I’ve been married and divorced” Dannii said, explaining her hesitation to marry Craig even though she is happily in love with him. “I’ve had my fingers burnt and like most other people out there who’ve been through that, you get very scared.”

“I don’t know what I think of marriage any more. It’s just a day-to-day thing.”

“I love being with him and we both just enjoy doing the normal things together when we have time. We enjoy each other’s company so there’s no hurry to go get married and all that.”

Dannii Minogue Plays At Small Club

It seems like a lifetime ago when there was serious debate about who was best – Kylie or Dannii Minogue. It was not uncommon for people who wanted to seem cooler than thou to proclaim that they prefered Dannii to her pint-sized songstrel sis.

To be fair, Dannii did notch up a nice run of hits, and even made it to No 3 last year. But she’s never quite taken over the world like Kylie.

Now the not-so-mighty have fallen ever farther, to a tiny 250 capacity club in Newcastle. Or at least that’s how the tabloids are reporting it. They’re full of snide comments about how she’s desperate and in the dumps.

But the club night, in The Cluny Bar, also featured Sarah Whatmore, Marcella Woods and Dirty Vegas. It was probably a try out gig for new material in a small venue. It’s something lots of stars do on the quiet.

So just beware of tabloid spin, folks. They would have you believe Dannii’s washed up, but there’s a new record deal, a new single coming and she’s working with top people like Roger Sanchez.

Dannii Minogue Invents Music

Dannii Minogue has invented a whole new music genre for her next record. She describes her new sounds as “goes futuristic retro pop/electro pop”.

The other Ms Minogue has signed with London Records and has completed work on the new album, due early in 2003.

Later this month, she will release the first single “Put The Needle On It”.

She says she was involved in the writing of ‘Put The Needle On It’.

“I co-wrote this song in Stockholm with Karen Poole and Korpi and Blackcell. I have used influences from the seventies, eighties and nineties, and mixed it all up to create the new Dannii sound.”

“Other producers on the album include, Roger Sanchez, Neimo, Jock-E and Savan, Ian Masterson and Terry Ronald” she states at dannii.com, her official cyberhome.

‘Put The Needle On It’ comes out on 28th of October. There will be two singles featuring remixes by Korpi and Blackcell, the Jason Nevins remix (famous for the Run DMC remix) and the latest one is by Mute8 (they are based in Stockholm, Sweden).