Dannii Minogue Plays At Small Club

It seems like a lifetime ago when there was serious debate about who was best – Kylie or Dannii Minogue. It was not uncommon for people who wanted to seem cooler than thou to proclaim that they prefered Dannii to her pint-sized songstrel sis.

To be fair, Dannii did notch up a nice run of hits, and even made it to No 3 last year. But she’s never quite taken over the world like Kylie.

Now the not-so-mighty have fallen ever farther, to a tiny 250 capacity club in Newcastle. Or at least that’s how the tabloids are reporting it. They’re full of snide comments about how she’s desperate and in the dumps.

But the club night, in The Cluny Bar, also featured Sarah Whatmore, Marcella Woods and Dirty Vegas. It was probably a try out gig for new material in a small venue. It’s something lots of stars do on the quiet.

So just beware of tabloid spin, folks. They would have you believe Dannii’s washed up, but there’s a new record deal, a new single coming and she’s working with top people like Roger Sanchez.

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