Will Young Is Not Letting Fame Get To Him

Will Young is a man with worries. Skin worries that is. He’s so concerned about the state of his face that when he goes to photo shoots he takes his own special make-up artist, stylist and hairdresser to make him look good.

But he’s concerned this may make him seem a bit demanding and is apparently, “quite insecure about coming across as a diva.”

He said “I’ve seen horrid shots of me looking rough and spotty, so now I try to appear well-groomed.”

The vocalist is also determined not to lay it on thick when he’s away from home and staying in hotels. He asks that he only be booked into small rooms and not big luxury suites because, “Hey, it’s only me, I don’t need much space.”

Way to go, Will. Nice to know someone isn’t letting fame go straight to their heads unlike a certain runner-up.

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