Dannii Minogue Invents Music

Dannii Minogue has invented a whole new music genre for her next record. She describes her new sounds as “goes futuristic retro pop/electro pop”.

The other Ms Minogue has signed with London Records and has completed work on the new album, due early in 2003.

Later this month, she will release the first single “Put The Needle On It”.

She says she was involved in the writing of ‘Put The Needle On It’.

“I co-wrote this song in Stockholm with Karen Poole and Korpi and Blackcell. I have used influences from the seventies, eighties and nineties, and mixed it all up to create the new Dannii sound.”

“Other producers on the album include, Roger Sanchez, Neimo, Jock-E and Savan, Ian Masterson and Terry Ronald” she states at dannii.com, her official cyberhome.

‘Put The Needle On It’ comes out on 28th of October. There will be two singles featuring remixes by Korpi and Blackcell, the Jason Nevins remix (famous for the Run DMC remix) and the latest one is by Mute8 (they are based in Stockholm, Sweden).

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