Dannii Minogue Disses Holly Valance, Admits UK Great Launching Pad For Popstars

Dannii Minogue, speaking to the press, admitted that the UK is by far the best place in the world to kick-off an international pop career.

“It’s because it’s the best place to earn money and it’s also a good place to start in the music industry as you get more international recognition over here” Dannii explained.

“But it’s still hard. So many people have come over from Australia to try to crack Britain, but there’s only me, Kylie and Natalie Imbruglia still here.”

When a journalist reminded Dannii about Holly Valance’s appearance on the charts, Dannii sniped “Well, that girl’s not been on the scene for a year yet. There have been plenty of Australian one-hit wonders.”

Bitching aside, Dannii said she’s looking forward to the release of her fourth album, which is due out early next year, and that she’s never felt as confident as artist as she does right now.

“I’ve improved the most in my singing over the last year” she admitted. “It’s really exciting because I’ve learned to control my voice, and now I don’t always sound like me. I had voice training for the musical Notre Dame. When I then went into the recording studio it was like doing an exam, I really noticed the difference.”

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