Daniel Bedingfield’s Ballad For H & Claire Surfaces

The missing ballad that Daniel Bedingfield wrote for H & Claire’s album has finally turned up.

The song, ‘Hold Me In Your Arms’, had been expected to appear on the ex-Steps duo’s debut album, entitled ‘Another Me, Another You’ but for some reason or the other, the track did not make the final tracklisting.

Luckily, fans aren’t going to miss out on Daniel’s efforts, as the smoochy heartbreaker that sounds somewhat like S Club’s ‘Never Had A Dream Come True’ appears on H & Claire’s new single, ‘All Out Of Love’. They say if you listen closely, you may just hear young Daniel on backing vocals so you might want to pay attention.

Daniel’s new single, ‘If You’re Not The One’, will be released on the 18th of November.

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