Danni Minogue Sexier Than Kylie?

For the first time in several years, Kylie Minogue didn’t make Who Weekly’s annual list of the 20 Sexiest People, but her sexy sheila of a sister Dannii Minogue did.

The magazine’s executive editor Kellie Hush tells the papers, “Dannii was chosen because she has finally come into her own and we no longer just think of her as Kylie’s little sister.”

“She has found a real nice exclusive niche with dance music and found herself, her confidence and her own individuality, which are all really sexy qualities which personifies what a babelicious sheila she is.”

“People have been coming up an saying that they prefer Dannii becasue she is so much more sexier than Kylie ever was. All that led to us to include Dannii this year and not Kylie.”

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