Holly Valance To Act Opposite Paris Hilton?

The beautiful Holly Valance has landed her first movie role opposite Paris Hilton in the upcoming National Lamoon comedy Pledge This!.

The Bollywood funk hitmaker of songs like Kiss Kiss has put her music career on hiatus after dismal sales of her latest album and has subsequently lost her record contract.

Holly Valance’s minor role as Jessica will mark her second acting job ever, after playing Felicity Scully in Aussie soap opera Neighbours for three years (1999 – 2002).

Holly Valance And Britney Spears Pictured Together

Holly Valance was one of the few stars that Britney Spears was pictured with at her recent “Welcome To London” exclusive party.

It was a coup for her PR machine as it placed the Australian singer up there with the best of them and presented her as Britney’s direct competition.

But Holly was humbled by the meeting. “I was one of the lucky ones, I’m a massive fan so I was a bit star struck,” the exquisite beauty told Sky News.

“The party was good, really nice. Drinks were flowing, good music, a good bunch of people. Essentially we had fun.”

Holly Valance Eyes London Abode

Sexy Australian singing/acting sheila Holly Valance has started house-hunting around West London, where she’s keen on setting up a home in England with long-term boyfriend Peter Ververis.

“Holly is keen to be a permanent fixture on the English celebrity scene,” a source revealed.

“Like all, she has seen obviously how well it worked for Kylie and so she is going to do the same thing. She’s been told West London is really cool and all very posh-esque.” Hammersmith was.”

Edyta, Sexy Star To Give Kylie And Holly A Run For Their Money

One of Germany’s rising stars and touted to be big all over the world is Edyta and she’s set to rock the airwaves and video screens with her brand-spanking new offering called ‘Impossible’.

Last week Edyta’s song ‘Impossible’ moved 79 places up on the German Airplay Chart, from 149 to 72! This week she’ll already be in Top 50 slots! Another rise of nearly 30 places!

With that, record industry watchers predict that her song will be a bigger hit than Kelly Rowland’s ‘Stole’, Beyonce’s ”03 Bonnie & Clyde’ and even Christina’s ‘Beautiful’.

What’s even more saucy is the fact that Edyta may give Holly valance and even Kylie Minogue a big big run for thier smackeroos. Check her photos out their websites!

The single is out in all good music outlets on the 3rd of February so give the girl all your support. Visit Edyta at her official sites at www.edyta.com

Holly Valance Likes Madonna’s Breasts

Holly Valance has admitted to looking more towards Madonna for inspiration, rather than Kylie Minogue, and the ‘Kiss, Kiss’ vocalistress admires the Queen of Pop’s nice breasts.

“I admire Madonna as she changes all the time. Plus, she has got the best tits I’ve ever seen” Holly says. “She can get them out forever as far as I’m concerned.”

Holly Valance’s Dating A Student

Aussie pop vocalistress Holly Valance has found a new man and he’s a Brit! The striking singer is living in London and is reported to have been seeing student Steve Aspinall, 23, who is studying economics at Newcastle.

Holly’s relationship with long-term boyfriend Pete Veveris is said to be under strain as he remains Down Under.

The singer, whose new single is ‘Down Boy’, was introduced to Steve through her makeup artist, according to papers.

“They got on instantly” said one source. “They went clubbing and she invited him round for dinner at her penthouse.”Even Holly’s mother is already a fan of Steve’s and is reportedly encouraging the relationship.

Steve is no stranger to the world of showbiz. He once dated Zoe Jordan, daughter of Formula One team boss Eddie Jordan, and was a hopeful on the new series of Model Behaviour, though he only got as far as the third round.

Holly is so keen on Steve that she is said to be planning to visit him in Newcastle while he does his final year of studies.

Holly Valancee to join KISS 100 for a Bam Bam Breakfast

Aussie pop sensation Holly Valance, will be joining Kiss 100’s Bam Bam Breakfast to chat to Bam about life, love and the like from 6-10am on Wednesday 25th September 2002.

This will be Holly’s second visit, having famously dropped in on the show earlier this year.

Holly releases her follow-up to her new single, ‘Down Boy’, the follow-up to her number 1 smash hit debut, ‘Kiss Kiss’, on Monday 23rd September through WEA.

So be sure to tune in to Holly Valance on the Bam Bam Breakfast on Kiss 100, from 6-10am on Wednesday 25th September.

Tune into the Bam Bam Breakfast on Kiss 100, Monday to Friday on 100FM in London, online at http://www.Kiss100.com, or on the digital radio network.

Check out http://www.bamster.com for full info on the show.

Survivor 5 Fan, Holly Valance’s A Down To Earth Singer

“Everything is looking good for me and I am still on a high from the success of the first single” said the down-to-earth singer, who has asked her London assistants to call her Holly, not Miss Valance.

“I am just ready to go for it and see where this all takes me. I’ll come home and get a normal job if nothing happens” said the sexy popster who has decided to stay in London permanently.

Obviously, I’m talking about Holly Valance who rocketed to No 1 on the UK singles charts earlier this year with her cover of Tarkan’s hit ‘Kiss, Kiss’, will release her new number on the 23rd of September entitled ‘Down Boy’.

The 19 year old who can’t wait for the brand new season of Survivor 5 {Thailand> to start on the 19th of September, will dump the naked-look and go for one that depict her as a fun-loving innocent.

The move is to target not just boys and men but the ladies and girls as well.

Visit Holly’s official cyber home http://www.hollyvalance.net. Visit Survivor 5’s official website here.

Holly Valance P***ed Off Her Soap Co-Stars

Holly Valance’s decision to become a fully-fledged popstar didn’t go down as well with her cast. It seems her ‘Neighbours’ co-stars weren’t quite so happy when they found out she was planning to quit, once and for all.

According to Stephen Hunt, who plays Matt in the Australian soap, Holly kept her musical plans secret from the rest of the cast and only told them about her desire to pursue a full-time pop career when she revealed to her bosses that she was quitting the soap.

Telling Sneak magazine, Stephen said “A lot of people in ‘Neighbours’ got really p***ed off. I reckon Holly wanted to keep it a secret from the producers because she didn’t get on with them. It’s a close-knit family and they would have expected her to be a bit more forthcoming about what she was doing so they could share the excitement with her.”

Holly is set to follow-up her No. 1 Bollywood-ish single, ‘Kiss Kiss’, with the release of ‘Down Boy’ on 23rd of September.