Holly Valance P***ed Off Her Soap Co-Stars

Holly Valance’s decision to become a fully-fledged popstar didn’t go down as well with her cast. It seems her ‘Neighbours’ co-stars weren’t quite so happy when they found out she was planning to quit, once and for all.

According to Stephen Hunt, who plays Matt in the Australian soap, Holly kept her musical plans secret from the rest of the cast and only told them about her desire to pursue a full-time pop career when she revealed to her bosses that she was quitting the soap.

Telling Sneak magazine, Stephen said “A lot of people in ‘Neighbours’ got really p***ed off. I reckon Holly wanted to keep it a secret from the producers because she didn’t get on with them. It’s a close-knit family and they would have expected her to be a bit more forthcoming about what she was doing so they could share the excitement with her.”

Holly is set to follow-up her No. 1 Bollywood-ish single, ‘Kiss Kiss’, with the release of ‘Down Boy’ on 23rd of September.

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