George Michael’s Single No.2 Snubbed By Radio

BBC Radio 1 have decided not to playlist George Michael’s new single, which I think is brilliant, named ‘Shoot The Dog’. London’s Capital Radio and Heart FM have also snubbed the single making its chances of hitting the Top 20 very slim.

George’s controversial single attacks the relationship between PM Tony Blair and US President George Bush. American audiences have seen it as an attack on America and radio stations across the US have refused to play the single although it is not scheduled for a US release.

The chosen singles on Radio 1’s A List are played at least 30 times a week. Songs on the B list are aired at least 15 times with C list records being played at least 5 times a week. So far, Radio 1 has played George’s track just 2 times.

Pop Idol judge Pete Waterman said “George is trying to be too trendy. He should go back to songs like Careless Whisper.”

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