Holly Valance Wants To Be Herself And Not Kylie

Don’t call Holly Valance the next Kylie Minogue. In an interview with Q magazine, Holly refuses to be called a pop star or manufactured.

“I don’t want to be the new anyone. I want to be me. And besides, I’m not so fussed about becoming a pop star. ‘Pop star’ doesn’t sound very credible, now does it? I want to be branded as a singer,” she stressed.

She went to say that there are many sensations who don’t write their own materials and there is honestly nothing wrong with that.

“That’s nothing to be ashamed of, really. It’s all about interpretation. Look at Kylie’s ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head.’ She didn’t write that, and yet it’s her song completely. Can you imagine Alanis Morisette having the same success with it? I think not.”

Holly Valance Top UK Charts

As we predicted last week, Holly Valance tops this week’s official UK single charts. The debut single from the Australian was heavily promoted on TV and radio – and her raunchy video caused quite a stir! Well done Holly! You can see more of Holly, including the video, at FHM.

Holly has knocked the Sugababes “Freak Like Me” to number 3, whilst Tweet enters the chart at number 6 with her debut offering “Oops (Oh My)”. Mary J Blige enters this weeks chart at number 9 with “No More Drama”.

For the full chart listings click here.

Holly Valance Looks Set To Kiss Her Very First No.1

According to unofficial single numbers, Holly Valance, the lovely Australian vocalistress, looks all set to have her first number one placing in the official UK singles charts this Sunday.

Apparently, reports have established the fact that Holly, who fights for the top of the charts with Moby, has topped midweek sales with her debut track ‘Kiss Kiss’.

Turkish singer, Tarkan, first did the catchy ‘Kiss Kiss’, but it was in Turkish, entitled ‘Simarik’ {pronounced Shimaruk> and it soon proved to be a huge hit. Holly’s version has the same background music but it’s all sung now in English.

But as we all have come to know nowadays, hearing just the song will not get the artiste the chart position he/she deserves. Hence, a music video is pretty much a necessity to help garner more sales, even better if it’s a controversial one, which is exactly what Holly did.

She has confessed that she decided to peel off her clothes in the video for her debut single so that she’d make an impact on the charts. She also added that she simply had no intention of trying to outdo Kylie’s ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’ clip.Speaking to a magazine recently, the Neighbours starlet explained “I’m not competing against anybody. I don’t want to look like anyone and I don’t want to sound like anyone. I just want to be me. Kylie’s beautiful and she did a good job with that song but no way was I thinking ‘Right, I’m going to compete with her.'”

If you were actually thinking that she actually was naked in the video, think again. Holly has also told the press that she was in reality wearing a flesh coloured bikini in the shots in which she appears to be totally naked.

“I thought we needed some controversy, otherwise I’m going to be seen as Flick for the rest of my life. I may as well come in with a bang… So it’s basically for my entry into the musical world. I don’t think I’ll do another naked scene again.”

Meanwhile, Holly is already looking forward to her next single, which she says is a different kettle of fish altogether.

“See that’s what I want. Real variety ok. I mean, just take a look at Madonna. She’s done some pretty risque stuff in her time and it’s only brought her to the attention of more and more and more people.”

The Bollywood-like ‘Kiss, Kiss’ has, by now, dropped into your favourite music outlet so go grab a copy.