Alicia Keys And Mother Enjoy Their Time In Barbados

The Saturday Sun of Barbados caught up with Alicia Keys’ mother and personal assistant Terri Augello while the singer of hits like Karma and Fallin’ took part in a photo session on Payne’s Bay beach last Friday morning.

“It’s beautiful here and we like it very much,” Terri Augello remarked.

Meanwhile, Alicia Keys is in the West Indies to headline the Barbados Jazz Festival.

Alicia Keys Films Karma

Karma will be the next single from the Alicia Keys’ album, The Diary of Alicia Keys.

According to Canada’s National Post, Alicia has recently wrapped filming for the music video, which was shot in two locations.

Some of Karma was filmed in the Dominican Republic. The other part was shot in her hometown, New York.

The soulful Falling star said the video shoot allowed her to fulfill “a fantasy I’ve always wanted to live out and that is me playing the piano on the subway platform.”

Alicia Keys Works Hard In Studio For Album No 2

Alicia Keys wrote a journal update on her official site the other day updating fans on her forthcoming album, and the tough work that has gone along with it.

The multiple Grammy winner said, “You know I’ve been in the studio for about 2 months straight and it just gets better and better. This album is something special. I can FEEL it… But being there for 2 months, 6 days a week, 14 hours a day, can lead you to a need for a day of some straight chilling!”

“Which leads me to right now as I’m in the bed, lights low, covers up to my chin, 2 books on the side of me and bout to have a movie marathon! All alone in a room and loving it!”

Reportedly, Alicia’s full length follow-up is expected to fall later this year or early 2004. Ijn the meantime, you can check out her official cyberhome below

Alicia Keys Says New LP Will Have Everything For Everybody

Roger Friedman of Fox News was on hand for Clive Davis’ party that was thrown for the lovely Alicia Keys on last Wednesday night.

Roger says Alicia “has not changed since I first met her two years ago. She still seems largely unaffected by fame and is natural and friendly as ever.”

And when asked about influences on her new album, Alicia of hits like ‘Falling’ revealed, “There’s going to be everything for everybody! I’ve been through so much and had so many influences while I was touring. You’ll see.”

She says that the new album is due sometime before the 30th of September which means that she plans to meet the Grammys’ deadline.

Alicia Keys To Act In Disney Film

She may be best known as a soul songstress, but Alicia Keys is now planning to launch herself as an actress.

According to reports in the US, the singer is to star in a new Disney ‘tear-jerker’ which her manager Jeff Robinson has written.

“It’s a little bit of Sparkle, a little bit of Lady Sings the Blues” Jeff told “A lot of people don’t know that she’s been acting longer than she’s been doing music. Her mother is an actress.”

Alicia, who’s currently touring the UK, is expected to star shooting the film early next year.

Alicia Keys Says She’s Pressurized To Be Sexy

Alicia Keys says the pressure she is under to be sexy makes her sick. The singer says she is constantly fighting with her stylists over the clothes they try and make her wear. And she reckons its a shame that people put appearance before talent.

“See, the amount of pressure I’m under to look good and to be an object of desire is really sickening” she said to reporters.

“I fight against it by saying ‘No, goddammit, I won’t wear that’ and ‘No, I won’t do that.'”

“And I’ll probably have to keep doing this because people try to make you into what they want you to be.”

But the singer admits that her appearance has had a role to play in her huge success.

“If I weighed 23 stone and just had a tuft of hair on the right side of my head then people probably wouldn’t be as willing to listen to what I have to say. It’s true that people look at your appearance before anything else. And I think that’s a real shame.”

What Alicia Key’s Lousy Concert Worth

You would think that by having a great and successful-selling album that’s capable of wining 5 Grammys would automatically make you a great performer. Never thought I’d have to say this about her but the above’s apparently not the image meant for the uber cool Alicia Keys.

At Jones Beach a couple of weeks ago, Alicia Keys offered an irregular show that lacked focus and couldn’t maintain momentum. The show was so choreographed and scripted that the R&B sensation, whom in my opinion is a very gifted artist, seemed very bored, which translated into smug insincerity under the lights.

It’s been reported that Alicia being bored was noticeable by all in the crowd quite early on, when she performed Prince’s ‘How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore?’

In this overextended cover, Alicia tried to muster the angry emotions of a woman scorned, but it appears that she’s told this story one too many times, and the words now sound as if they are being sung by rote.

Even when she laughed during the show, it sounded like a rehearsed, scripted “ha ha ha”, rather than the spontaneous giggle a 21 year old would erupt in if there was actually something to laugh about.

With only one album to her credit, her songbook is understandably extremely limited, which might just explain why she gave at least 20 minutes up out of a 90 minutes gig to costume changes.

Alicia Keys Among Others Honoured At The EMMAs

Alicia Keys and So Solid Crew were among the stars honoured during this year’s ritzy Ethnic Multicultural Media Awards (EMMAs), which took place in London on the 30th of May.

So Solid Crew, the 30-strong garage collective came away from the top awards ceremony with the Best British Music Act gong, their third major accolade. Over the past year, the ’21 Seconds’ hitmakers have also scooped a Brit and MOBO Award as well.

Alicia Keys was labeled the Best International Music Act.

Other Asian sensations and black stars who were credited during the annual awards festival included Oscar-winners, Halle Berry and Denzel Washington, the team behind spoof BBC TV chatshow ‘The Kumars at No. 42’, EastEnders star Rudolph Walker, who plays Patrick Trueman in the soap, and newsreader Moira Stewart.