Alicia Keys Says She’s Pressurized To Be Sexy

Alicia Keys says the pressure she is under to be sexy makes her sick. The singer says she is constantly fighting with her stylists over the clothes they try and make her wear. And she reckons its a shame that people put appearance before talent.

“See, the amount of pressure I’m under to look good and to be an object of desire is really sickening” she said to reporters.

“I fight against it by saying ‘No, goddammit, I won’t wear that’ and ‘No, I won’t do that.'”

“And I’ll probably have to keep doing this because people try to make you into what they want you to be.”

But the singer admits that her appearance has had a role to play in her huge success.

“If I weighed 23 stone and just had a tuft of hair on the right side of my head then people probably wouldn’t be as willing to listen to what I have to say. It’s true that people look at your appearance before anything else. And I think that’s a real shame.”

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