Hazel Kaneswaran Close To Inking Deals

Hazel Kaneswaran says she has been inundated with offers of a record deal.

The singer, who gave birth to a baby boy last week, was eliminated from the competition for being ten days over the age limit.

But she says the judges’ decision means she is destined to become a solo artist.

She is now planning to take the rest of the year off before starting work in January.

“Obviously at first I was devastated by the fact I wasn’t going to be in the final ten” she told Heat magazine.

“But the more I thought about it, the more I realised it was a positive thing actually. As far as I’m concerned this has happened for a reason. Polydor Records are interested in me; they have been from the start of the auditions.”

“The actual offer hasn’t come in yet, but I’m sure it will. At this stage I’m getting offers from everywhere too but the baby is the priority at the moment.”

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