Tears And Punch Up Between Rejected Male Popstar Wannabes

I can’t believe this.

Boys are officially weepier than girls and are worse losers, at least that’s what the new series of Popstars seems to indicate.

During a recent filming when the contestants were being wittled down to 15 boys and 15 girls, the rejected lasses kept stiff upper lips and put a brave face on things. The boys, however, burst into tears and started a punch up! The judges, including Geri Halliwell, kept well clear.

One of the succesful contestants, Annika Gabbitas, told the papers “As the judges began cutting down the numbers it became clear that the girls were coping better with rejection than the blokes were. The guys broke into tears and a few of them got into punch ups. Everyone was talking about it.”

Geri reportedly was heard saying “Gosh! Boys are really sentimental aren’t they?”

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