Madonna Believes Guy Is Gay

Madonna suspects her film director husband Guy Ritchie has gay tendencies. The singer told her hubby she was worried about the “strange homosexual undertone” between him and other men on the set of the couple’s new movie.

“There was lots of exhibitionist behaviour such as pulling pants down, fondling bits, hugging, slapping and kissing” she revealed.

Madonna was speaking on a US television show where the couple were promoting Swept Away, which Guy directs.

The ‘Frozen’ hitmaker put her husband on the spot by saying “Are your crew so intimate on all your films? I saw their bums on several occasions.”

She also criticised him for disrupting schedules when they were shooting the film in Malta last year.

“I didn’t appreciate that at four o’clock you guys suddenly decided to wrap the set and run off to watch a football game. I thought that it was terribly unprofessional” she added.

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