Geri Halliwell Eyes Stage Career

With her latest album Desire tanking in the charts, former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell is setting her sights on a stage career.

Geri Halliwell told a spy, “I love the instant connection that theatre can bring and see this as my natural next step.”

A source said she has already auditioned for the play Little Shop Of Horrors for its run on the West End. The singer also lashed out at Pop Idol judge Simon Cowell as the man who halted her pop career after Mr. Nasty blasted her last video. She fumed to Neil Sean of Sky News, “It was such a cruel thing to do.”

Geri “not dropped” says Innocent Records

Contrary to rumours, Geri Halliwell has not parted ways with Innocent Records, the label who also own Blue. The former Spice Girl, who’s new single Desire precedes her third studio album, Passion, was rumoured to have lost her deal following the cancellation of her UK tour which was pencilled in for June this year. Innocent have said: “We have no intention of dumping Geri. She has only released one single with us which did very well (November #4 hit Ride It from last year), and we’re going to see how the album and single do. We imagine she will do well, no matter what.” Geri’s new single has been co-written with Hannah Robinson, the woman behind Rachel Stevens’ Some Girls.

View Pictures Of Geri Halliwell Performing Her New Song

Geri Halliwell performed on stage before switching on the lights at the Blackpool Illuminations in Blackpool, England on Friday September 3rd.

This year marks the 125th anniversary of the illuminations.

Check out pictures here.

Meanwhile, Geri Halliwell is all set to release her new material. The song she’s seen singing in those pictures above is one entitled Ryde It. That’s the lead single off a yet as untitled album. No word on when the single will be available for purchase.

I’ve managed to get listen to a sneak of the song and I must say it’s infectious and it’s probably one of her best works to date.

Geri Halliwell Splits From Boyfriend

Geri Halliwell was spotted crying in an LA street on last Sunday afternoon after she split from Jerry O’Connell and was comforted by some girlfriends.

“She finished with him last weekend,” confirmed a close friend.

“Jerry was too much of a fraternity boy. He was a real lad who liked to party. It just wasn’t Geri’s style. She is much more low-key and doesn’t go out to clubs or parties.”

“She took him out to the Electric Cinema restaurant in Portobello Road when they were in London and to San Lorenzo with his parents. Once they were in LA, Jerry was keen on hitting the bars with his mates and just drink and drink and drink and drink. At that point, Geri realized they were very incompatible.”

Geri Halliwell Works On New LP

Geri Halliwell is working on a new solo album, this one being her third and it will hit record stores before the middle of the year, her spokesman has exclosed.

“There still isn’t a precise date for the release or a title, but Geri wants the album to be out before the summer,” her spokesman said on Friday.

The pop lady who shot to fame as the flame haired Ginger Spice but left the all-girl pop group, Spice Girl in 1998, was last in the spotlight as a judge on the hit television show Popstars: The Rivals.

Fellow Popstars judge Pete Waterman, who has worked with million-selling artists such as Kylie Minogue, Rick Astley and Bananarama, will help produce Geri’s latest offering.

Geri’s last album, 2001’s ‘Scream if You Want to Go Faster’, produced several hit singles.

Geri Halliwell Buys New Home And Gets New Man

After her flat was burgled of GBP40,000 worth of stuff, and trashed in the process, Geri Halliwell has been a bit of a hobo, sleeping with friends or in hotels. Well, she’s finally got herself a new place near Notting Hill, after two years a-roaming.

A snip at GBP1.5 million, it’s bristling with security to ensure she doesn’t get done over again.

But not only has she got a new gaff, she’s also got a new guy. A friend told the Daily Star “Geri’s happy at the moment. She’s found a dream home and a new romance. It’s early days but she’s enjoying her time and discreet dates with this guy. She’s had such bad luck with fellahs in the past that she’s desperate to keep him under wraps until the time’s right.”

Geri Halliwell Was Being Such A Diva At EMI Shindig

Geri Halliwell pulled a diva act when she attended her record company EMI’s Christmas party at new club No5 in London’s Cavendish Square on Wednesday night.

Geri demanded bosses reserve one of the eight hotel rooms for her and her hangers on even though the label’s more successful acts Damon Albarn, Coldplay and Supergrass were fine with mingling with the company bigwigs.

“She wanted another room so her and her friends could escape from the bigwigs” a source said.

Tears And Punch Up Between Rejected Male Popstar Wannabes

I can’t believe this.

Boys are officially weepier than girls and are worse losers, at least that’s what the new series of Popstars seems to indicate.

During a recent filming when the contestants were being wittled down to 15 boys and 15 girls, the rejected lasses kept stiff upper lips and put a brave face on things. The boys, however, burst into tears and started a punch up! The judges, including Geri Halliwell, kept well clear.

One of the succesful contestants, Annika Gabbitas, told the papers “As the judges began cutting down the numbers it became clear that the girls were coping better with rejection than the blokes were. The guys broke into tears and a few of them got into punch ups. Everyone was talking about it.”

Geri reportedly was heard saying “Gosh! Boys are really sentimental aren’t they?”

Geri Halliwell Prefers Using The Male Toilets

What’s going on in the weird, weird world of Geri Halliwell? Her toilet habits have gained her some attention.

We can reveal that Geri, who is like the biggest yoga celebrity fan around, prefers to use the gents when she does her business. Can’t say for sure whether it’s all the time, but when nature calls on the set of Popstars 2, she heads for the gents straightaway.

“We’re all very confused as to why she doesn’t use the ladies” says our source. “It’s not as if she wants privacy as there are always blokes auditioning for the show busy practising their songs in the loo as the acoustics are better.”

“The boys have been really shocked and, to be honest, they aren’t that happy about it. They like to have their privacy, too, and the last thing they want to go through is hearing Geri Halliwell having a pee.”

Geri, whose American boyfriend, Damian Warner has jetted over to Manchester to keep the “singer” company, was criticized by fellow judge Louis Walsh for only picking men she fancied at the auditions.

The Westlife manager said “If she fancies the guys she says, ‘He’s cute’, and wants to put them through, then I automatically have to say, ‘Yeah, but he can’t sing’.”