Geri Halliwell Buys New Home And Gets New Man

After her flat was burgled of GBP40,000 worth of stuff, and trashed in the process, Geri Halliwell has been a bit of a hobo, sleeping with friends or in hotels. Well, she’s finally got herself a new place near Notting Hill, after two years a-roaming.

A snip at GBP1.5 million, it’s bristling with security to ensure she doesn’t get done over again.

But not only has she got a new gaff, she’s also got a new guy. A friend told the Daily Star “Geri’s happy at the moment. She’s found a dream home and a new romance. It’s early days but she’s enjoying her time and discreet dates with this guy. She’s had such bad luck with fellahs in the past that she’s desperate to keep him under wraps until the time’s right.”

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