Geri Halliwell Prefers Using The Male Toilets

What’s going on in the weird, weird world of Geri Halliwell? Her toilet habits have gained her some attention.

We can reveal that Geri, who is like the biggest yoga celebrity fan around, prefers to use the gents when she does her business. Can’t say for sure whether it’s all the time, but when nature calls on the set of Popstars 2, she heads for the gents straightaway.

“We’re all very confused as to why she doesn’t use the ladies” says our source. “It’s not as if she wants privacy as there are always blokes auditioning for the show busy practising their songs in the loo as the acoustics are better.”

“The boys have been really shocked and, to be honest, they aren’t that happy about it. They like to have their privacy, too, and the last thing they want to go through is hearing Geri Halliwell having a pee.”

Geri, whose American boyfriend, Damian Warner has jetted over to Manchester to keep the “singer” company, was criticized by fellow judge Louis Walsh for only picking men she fancied at the auditions.

The Westlife manager said “If she fancies the guys she says, ‘He’s cute’, and wants to put them through, then I automatically have to say, ‘Yeah, but he can’t sing’.”

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