Atomic Kitten’s Jenny Frost And Her Love Story

Sue Evison spoke the other day with Atomic Kitten slim babe, Jenny Frost whom some people believe is in reality a man, on how she became engaged to her 38 year old DJ boyfriend Dom.

“Davinia was always going on about a boy she knew who I had to meet and I was like, ‘Yeah, whatever,'” she explained of her pal Davinia Taylor.

“I had just come out of a really horrible relationship and I wanted to enjoy myself, so I wasn’t looking to get involved again but she just kept going on about this guy. She said, ‘If you meet him you’ll get married.’ I thought she was being over-dramatic. But one night I saw him in a club and I was a bit tiddly so I went over and introduced myself by saying, ‘Apparently, we’re getting married.’ He wasn’t sure how to react to that and before he could think I left the club because I was a bit too drunk.

“And you see, I’d been there with a friend so Dom went over and asked for my number from my best male friend. He called two days later and said, ‘Do you remember me from the other night?’ Davinia was with him and was screaming in the background, ‘Told you so, told you so!’ I met up with Dom when I got back to London and we’ve been together ever since.”

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