Former Atomic Kitten Singer, Jenny Frost Wraps Up Debut Album

Former Atomic Kitten Jenny Frost has just finished recording her debut solo album. It is due out later this year.

She has also recorded her first single, called Hey Kitty, with Wu-Tang Clan.

The singer was photographed shoppping in West London, getting assistance from a little helper to work the car parking meter. Check out the photos here.

D&G To Dress Atomic Kitten

Dolce & Gabanna will be providing all the outfits for Atomic Kitten’s forthcoming UK tour which kicks off on the 18th February. A spokesman said “The girls’ exclusive D&G tour wardrobe will range from super-sexy, street-raider micro shorts paired with tight tops, romantic, see-through, chiffon baby-dolls, to hippy-style, bell-bottomed, flower power embroidered jeans and vests in an explosion of colour, glamour and funk!”

Victoria Beckham probably won’t be too pleased with this, considering how much of their clothes she wears and the fact that she hates Jenny Frost. Plus, the fact that the Beckhams are best friends with the designers.

Atomic Kitten Kick Boxing

The beautiful ladies of Atomic Kitten have apparently gotten bored of sweating away on the treadmill to keep trim. Just what have they turned to instead you ask?

Well, taking a leave out of their tour manager Carl’s book, they have taken to kick boxing.

An insider revealed, “The three of them have hired their own tutor. A couple times a week they put on the white suits and get down to some serious fighting.”

Darlings, you don’t have to sweat it out. You all look fine as it is already. It’s pretty evident in your music video.

Atomic Kitten’s Album Get Good Review In US

Atomic Kitten’s US self-titled debut, which was released there a couple of days back, has been treated to good reviews of late.

For instance, a critic who gave his two cents worth of the ladies’ album writes, “There’s no such beast as a sure thing, especially in pop music, but if you were to make a wager on this summer’s sweetheart act, Atomic Kitten would be a beauty of a bet.’

‘Irresistible not only describes the good looks of this vocal trio, it fits its radio-ready snap that’s been a staple on the English music scene for more than two years.”

The Atomic Kitten Show

According to the papers, an ITV insider exclusively exposed the fact that Atomic Kitten stars Jenny Frost, Liz McLarnon and Natasha Hamilton are to star in their own TV show.

“It’s going to be a cross between a sexy ‘Charlie’s Angels’ and a goofy ‘Scooby Doo’. We’re talking high action combined with jokes and sketches here.”

The series should be out next year.

And the source also added “They’ve no intention of giving up their musical careers.”

Celebrity shades auction for charity

The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association is offering you the chance to own a pair of celebrity shades in their celebrity shades auctions.

Blue, Ronan Keating and Atomic Kitten are a just a few of the fabulous and famous who have backed Shades for a Day – a campaign to promote eye care in the sun whilst raising money for Guide Dogs – by donating their sunglasses.

You can place your bid online for your favourite shades from now until 12.00 midday Tuesday September 24.

Why not place a bid today at

Atomic Kitten’s Jenny Frost And Her Love Story

Sue Evison spoke the other day with Atomic Kitten slim babe, Jenny Frost whom some people believe is in reality a man, on how she became engaged to her 38 year old DJ boyfriend Dom.

“Davinia was always going on about a boy she knew who I had to meet and I was like, ‘Yeah, whatever,'” she explained of her pal Davinia Taylor.

“I had just come out of a really horrible relationship and I wanted to enjoy myself, so I wasn’t looking to get involved again but she just kept going on about this guy. She said, ‘If you meet him you’ll get married.’ I thought she was being over-dramatic. But one night I saw him in a club and I was a bit tiddly so I went over and introduced myself by saying, ‘Apparently, we’re getting married.’ He wasn’t sure how to react to that and before he could think I left the club because I was a bit too drunk.

“And you see, I’d been there with a friend so Dom went over and asked for my number from my best male friend. He called two days later and said, ‘Do you remember me from the other night?’ Davinia was with him and was screaming in the background, ‘Told you so, told you so!’ I met up with Dom when I got back to London and we’ve been together ever since.”

Atomic Kitten Claw Hear’Say

When asked who the Sugababes considered was their least favourite band, Liz McLarnon, without too much hesitation, offered a rather telling Obviously Hear’Say, apart from Johnny.”

However, Liz added “Maybe it isn’t them. I think it’s the marketing ploy thing because you know someone’s said ‘Myleene, get your tits out. Myleene sing the song, be really sexy and Suzanne, as for you, you just go stand at the side.'”

It seems that Myleene, who’s already been branded a bitch by the tabloids, isn’t too popular with the ‘Kittens either. While she preferred not to shed too much light on the matter, Liz admitted that she and Myleene have had a dispute in the past, during which the busty Hear’Say singer apparently said something out-of-turn about the ‘Kittens.

Nevertheless, Jenny maintains that she and her bandmates have no problems with the other members of Hear’Say “Johnny’s lovely. Suzanne’s a good laugh. Danny and Noel are lovely” adding, diplomatically, “don’t really know Myleene.”

Despite her reservations about the band themselves, Jenny has jumped to Hear’Say’s defence, blaming the tabloids for the group’s sudden unpopularity.

“Everyone knew that it was coming though, didn’t they?” Jenny said, “The tabloids push and make ’em so up there that the only way you can go is down. Hear’Say have had a good run. They just need to keep strong and keep at it. Everyone deserves a fair chance. After all, they’re just doing a job.”

Atomic Kitten will release their cover of Blondie’s ‘The Tide Is High’ on 19th of August.