Atomic Kitten Claw Hear’Say

When asked who the Sugababes considered was their least favourite band, Liz McLarnon, without too much hesitation, offered a rather telling Obviously Hear’Say, apart from Johnny.”

However, Liz added “Maybe it isn’t them. I think it’s the marketing ploy thing because you know someone’s said ‘Myleene, get your tits out. Myleene sing the song, be really sexy and Suzanne, as for you, you just go stand at the side.'”

It seems that Myleene, who’s already been branded a bitch by the tabloids, isn’t too popular with the ‘Kittens either. While she preferred not to shed too much light on the matter, Liz admitted that she and Myleene have had a dispute in the past, during which the busty Hear’Say singer apparently said something out-of-turn about the ‘Kittens.

Nevertheless, Jenny maintains that she and her bandmates have no problems with the other members of Hear’Say “Johnny’s lovely. Suzanne’s a good laugh. Danny and Noel are lovely” adding, diplomatically, “don’t really know Myleene.”

Despite her reservations about the band themselves, Jenny has jumped to Hear’Say’s defence, blaming the tabloids for the group’s sudden unpopularity.

“Everyone knew that it was coming though, didn’t they?” Jenny said, “The tabloids push and make ’em so up there that the only way you can go is down. Hear’Say have had a good run. They just need to keep strong and keep at it. Everyone deserves a fair chance. After all, they’re just doing a job.”

Atomic Kitten will release their cover of Blondie’s ‘The Tide Is High’ on 19th of August.

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