Ricky Martin New Single News!

Ricky Martin’s new cd sounds great apparently. The first single is titled “I Don’t Care”, a song vry much in tune with today’s hot Bollywood funk numbers.

The single will be released to the clubs before it’s release to radio stations. The track is “incredible, sexy and danceable” according to Ricky, so get ready to dance! Also featured on the single are Fat Joe and Amerie.

Fans should be happy to know that this song was also recorded in Spanish and in Spanglish, for all to enjoy. The title for the Spanish version is Que Mas Da.

Madonna Hard at Work on New CD

Madonna.com is reporting that Madonna is in the studio finishing up her New CD. It is said that Madonna is working with all new Producers this time around.

The new album is said to feature 12 delicious tunes of pure ‘unapologetic dance music’ and will feature the brand new single “Hung Up” (due out on 17th October). The album is scheduled to be released on November 15th on Warner Bros. Records.

Deeyah & Young Maylay A Deadly Combo!

In one corner you have Deeyah the exotic and sassy princess of the East also dubbed the Muslim Madonna by the UK media. In the other corner is Young Maylay hard edged from the merciless streets of LA also the actor/voice in GTA San Andreas game.
Both talented artists in their own rights have now joined forces and come together to create ‘What Will It Be?’.

The beat of ‘What Will It Be?’ is sexy and seductive yet the lyrical content that Deeyah and Young Maylay present in the song is tough, thought provoking, controversial and very much a sign of the turmoil filled times we are all living in. The lyrical content is already creating controversy and waves within certain circles of the Muslim communities for it’s direct, truthful and extremely defiant and rebellious tone and delivery.
In a time where more socially and politically conscious music and attitude is needed within popular culture – here we go, Deeyah and Young Maylay provide exactly what the doctor ordered and are creatively a truly deadly combo! May we hear more music and messages like this from these two and others in the near future.

We eagerly await the music video for ‘What Will It Be?’ as it’s already rumored to be even more controversial, hard hitting, edgy and sexy.www.deeyah.com

Kelly Clarkson Wants To Be Huge In Europe

Top Of The Pops caught up with Kelly Clarkson for a Q&A and asked the American Idol season one champ if she thought success in the UK was really important, since she’s already big in the States.

“Yeah, I mean my biggest goal with this record is to be more in Europe,” she said. “Like I’ve done really well in Australia and Asia and everywhere else, but Europe I haven’t really come and toured or anything. So my big thing with my management is to come more in Europe and kind of get over here.”