Cheeky Girls Don’t Like TATU Comparisions

Model-esque twins, the Cheeky Girls have lashed out at the Russian lesbian duo, TATU claiming that TATU’s whole racy shenanigans are nothing but a silly act.

Talking to the press, Gabriela and Monica said “They are such silly fakes. That whole lesbian thing is so made up and an act put together by their manager. Everyone knows it and we really can’t stand it when people compare them to us. Essentially, it’s not right to compare them to us. Why would people do that? Nasty. Don’t do that ever please.”

The bum-shaking sisters continued, saying “We prefer to have a nice image and have our mum write our songs. We would never do anything tacky like that.”

Right. Anyway, the Cheeky Girls are still proving to be really popular with the masses after their sophomore number “Take Your Shoes Off” gave them a No 3 hit on the English charts.

Darius Danesh Gives His Two Cents Worth On T.A.T.U

Crooner Darius Danesh has waded into the mire of T.A.T.U. controversy, claiming that the video which features the girls kissing is an effective piece of marketing.

Talking to an online website, Darius said “I’m just amazed that marketing people hadn’t thought of it before! Come on, two teenage girls in schoolgirl outfits kissing is going have everybody watching. It’s very clever marketing.”

However, the former Pop Idol dude warned that relying on controversy to sell records could lead to disappointment.

“Gimmicks are only as strong as the artist they promote. Whether T.A.T.U. are going to be around or whether they’re one hit wonders depends on the material.”

t.A.T.u To Pose Nude In Playboy

Sources close to t.A.T.u leaked the information that they will have a photo session with Playboy, the only problem being the pair are underaged.

Julia Volkova, the brunette, will turn 18 only on 20th of Feburary 2003. Lena Katina will be ready for the photo session in half a month as she will turn 18 on 4th of October.

Lena had earlier told reporters “Unfortunately, we can’t pose in Playboy yet. But soon, I assure you, we will and you’ll know.”

There’s Something Not Fakey About t.A.T.u

The press recently spoke with producer Trevor Horn who worked on t.A.T.u.’s new album ‘200 km/h In The Wrong Lane’, and in the past worked on ‘Video Killed The Radio Star’ by The Buggles, ‘Relax’ by Frankie Goes To Hollywood, ‘Kiss from a Rose’ by Seal and other sparkling songs.

Asked if the teen lesbian duo’s ‘All The Things She Said’ accomplish something similar, he said, “Well, I mean, I’ve got absolutely no idea. But, I’m quite fond of ‘All The Things She Said’. I really really love it.”

“I think it’s a nice record especially if you listen to it all the way through. It sort of grows. And, it’s good. It’s a nice record. What’s around these days is kind of a bit ‘fakey.’ There’s something ‘not fakey’ about t.A.T.u. and about what the song’s about.”

T.A.T.U Gig Turns Into Orgy

There’s this article a while back that reports a show by T.A.T.U, a pop duo that shocked all with their girl love attitude, at the Park Avenue Disc nightclub escalated into a very bona fide orgy. The inside of the club was extremely hot and in an effort to save the party, T.A.T.U’s Lena Katina and Yulya Volkova, who are both 17 years of age, told the audience to strip.

The crowd then did, but eventually it led to half-dressed people kissing, groping and trying to have sex. The Russian pop duo, who first traumatized parents in their home country with their open-mindedness and now creating waves in America, were saddened and shocked by the scenes and promptly hid themselves in a far corner of the stage.

After security busted up the orgy, T.A.T.U made an official announcement saying that they were temporarily suspending performing in nightclubs.

“Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that something like this will not happen again” the girls said.

The parents of some of those in the club that night plan to sue T.A.T.U and producer Ivan Shapovalov and seek a sizable monetary compensation for the “moral damage” inflicted on their children.

T.A.T.U’s first English single, entitled ‘All The Things She Said’ is already out in shops in the US. Tatu’s debut English album, ‘200 km/h In The Wrong Lane’ will be released in the US and Canada come 17th of September. The album is set to come out in Continental Europe, South America, Australia and New Zealand on 7th of October.

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