Cheeky Girls Don’t Like TATU Comparisions

Model-esque twins, the Cheeky Girls have lashed out at the Russian lesbian duo, TATU claiming that TATU’s whole racy shenanigans are nothing but a silly act.

Talking to the press, Gabriela and Monica said “They are such silly fakes. That whole lesbian thing is so made up and an act put together by their manager. Everyone knows it and we really can’t stand it when people compare them to us. Essentially, it’s not right to compare them to us. Why would people do that? Nasty. Don’t do that ever please.”

The bum-shaking sisters continued, saying “We prefer to have a nice image and have our mum write our songs. We would never do anything tacky like that.”

Right. Anyway, the Cheeky Girls are still proving to be really popular with the masses after their sophomore number “Take Your Shoes Off” gave them a No 3 hit on the English charts.

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