The Further US Adventures of Emma

Emma Bunton continues her quest for US success this week, and it seems to be going pretty well. Her album Free Me has cracked the Billboard Album Chart Top 200 at #183- that’s higher than Robbie Williams ever got with his album, Escapology. Meanwhile, Bini & Martini’s remix of her October 2003 #6 smash, Maybe, follows Free Me into the US dance charts at #4 this week. Emma says “I’m delighted at the response my album has recieved. I’m so happy that I’ve been able to branch out to a whole new audience this time round with the album, and people have given it such a positive feedback, which is wicked.” Emma begins work on her third studio album in April.For more on Emma’s adventures in the USA as it happens, visit

Nat is back…

Natalie Imbruglia is back on 21st March and 4th April with a brand new single and album. The single, titled “Shiver” comes first on 21st next month and is the first off of the new album, “Counting Down The Days”. She played the video for the very first time anywhere on CD:UK this morning (Saturday, 12th February 2005) with guest presenters Jeremy Edwards and Alesha Dixon formerly of Mis-Teeq fame. She admits though that the new album isn’t what it was intially going to be. “After finishing promo for White Lillies Island, I wrote some real heavy rock tracks. I don’t know why, I just wanted to, so I got it out of my system but scrapped a lot of the tracks afterwards.” Well thank goodness it isn’t. And I can’t wait for the new album personally…For more on Nat as it happens check out where you can sign up to her e-letter.

Jennifer Ellison To Come Out In Europe Only

Neil Sean of Sky News reports Jenifer Ellison is fighting the release of her album because it might hurt her Hollywood hopes. “I enjoyed it, and all that, but I think that, a year after making the album, it sounds a little old so it would be best kept away,” Jennifer Ellison remarked.

“Just look at how they attacked Catherine Zeta-Jones for her failed pop career. It can haunt you for the rest of your life.”

Despite Jennifer Ellison’s pop regrets, her record label plan on releasing a record in Europe only.

Emma Bunton And Her Rituals caught up with Emma Bunton for a Q&A and asked the former Spice Girl if she had any rituals or odd little practices she does on a regular basis. ”

Actually when I was with the Spice Girls we used to all do the kind of thing where we put our hands on top of each other,” Emma Bunton responded.

“Do you know what I mean? The all for one kind of thing. And I remember we always used to have to do that and one night we forgot and we all got very kind of ‘What’s gonna happen?’ and it was fine. But back then we used to kind of do that thing. Other than that I would say that I’m not too bad. I’m very much into reflexology and my mother does healing and I love keeping things in balance, so I don’t need to do any rituals just before anything. I kind of just make sure that that happens all the time.”

Jennifer Lopez Looks To Madonna In The Early Years reports that Jennifer Lopez, who is due to launch her first catwalk show for her fashion brand Sweetface had this to say about her early fashion inspirations.

“I was the girl who would take my dad’s sweatshirt and cut it up, so it had all these straps. I remember being very young and looking at Madonna and thinking she was the coolest ie her bracelets up to her elbow, her lace and gloves and tights. Seeing how music is so correlated to fashion, or even how movies are so correlated to fashion, it’s something so natural to me.”

Paris Hilton Doesn’t Like Delta Goodrem?

Reports have emerged that claim Paris Hilton doesn’t like Delta Goodrem after the heiress was singled out as the cause of their breakup with tennis star Mark Philippoussis.

“I met him in Vegas at my sister Nicky’s birthday and we were hanging out,” Paris Hilton said of Mark Philippoussis.

“I didn’t even know who this girl was, the girlfriend or whatever. I didn’t even know who he was. My friend introduced us and we were all hanging out and dancing… no smooching. Who is she? I don’t like that. I felt like they were using me to make her famous in America and that pissed me off because I didn’t do anything. I’m mad because I’m not the type of person who would ever steal someone’s boyfriend.”

JC Chasez’s In Scooby Doo reports that JC Chasez is more impressed with his animated portrayal in the Valentine’s Day episode of What’s New Scooby Doo than his 2001 appearance along with his N’Sync bandmates on The Simpsons.

“I’ve seen it The Simpsons way and I have to say, the Scooby Doo way was animated a little bit better,” JC Chasez, who’s working on his sophomore LP said. “They did a better job. It was really cool. On ‘The Simpsons’, you end up looking like a cousin of the Simpsons. I loved the cartoon as a kid. My favorite character is Shaggy, which is pretty funny, because in the story, him and I beef a little bit. I thought, ‘That’s fun. I get to play an enemy to probably my favorite character.’ It’s pretty hilarious to see how people act in front of the microphones while they’re doing these voices, because you have to create characteristics just through your voice. In order to exaggerate your vocal even more, you exaggerate your actions more as well, so people look pretty funny.”

McNude Dudes: What will happen if Tom and co win…

McFly could be McNude at the BRITS this coming Wednesday according to the BRITS website ( and strip to their nothings if they win Best Pop Act which they’re nominated in against Girls Aloud and the like. Dougie from the band admitted that it would happen if they did win, but if they didn’t- “I’d burn all the other acts’ tables!” But their promise of nudity could be coming true- they’re the bookies’ favourites to take it home at 3/1. We can tell already that it isn’t going to be quiet on the night after all…