Paris Hilton Doesn’t Like Delta Goodrem?

Reports have emerged that claim Paris Hilton doesn’t like Delta Goodrem after the heiress was singled out as the cause of their breakup with tennis star Mark Philippoussis.

“I met him in Vegas at my sister Nicky’s birthday and we were hanging out,” Paris Hilton said of Mark Philippoussis.

“I didn’t even know who this girl was, the girlfriend or whatever. I didn’t even know who he was. My friend introduced us and we were all hanging out and dancing… no smooching. Who is she? I don’t like that. I felt like they were using me to make her famous in America and that pissed me off because I didn’t do anything. I’m mad because I’m not the type of person who would ever steal someone’s boyfriend.”

Delta Goodrem And Her Brand New Single

Soap star/singer, Ms Inncent Eyes, Delta Goodrem has confirmed she will release her brand new single, Out Of The Blue, to radios at the end of the month.

The song was co-written earlier this year by Delta herself and producer Guy Chambers who used to work with the likes of Robbie Williams and Jewel.

The single was recorded in London and it will be available in stores this October.

Delta Goodrem To Release New Album In November

Delta Goodrem will release her 2nd album in November after recording several final tracks in Britain.

After describing her new-found level of energy, which is precious to the 19 year old vocalistress of songs like Innocent Eyes, given her battle with Hodgkin’s disease, said her new CD was likely to be released in four months.

Not only has she been busy recording new tracks in London, Delta Goodrem has also enjoyed a few local dance classes-just for the fun of it.

The singer seemed very relaxed away from the intense media pressure in Australia, and admitted she has enjoyed taking time out overseas.

Interestingly, mum Lea Goodrem, who accompanied her soap actress turned singer daughter to the US and Britain in the past few months has returned to Australia. Delta is spending time in London with her boyfriend Mark Philippoussis, but also focussing on finalising the tracklistings for the album.