Girls Aloud Kick Off Tour In Wow Style

Girls Aloud kicked off their UK Greatest Hits Tour in Newcastle last night, and judging from these Girls Aloud concert photos they did so in wow style! The girls are set to play another 14 dates across from the UK which will see them perform their hit singles such as Something Kinda Ooh, Sound Of The Underground, The Show and I Think We’re Alone Now. Good things are planned for the Girls following the tour – they are currently working on their 4th studio album (due for release in October) and then in 2008 they’ll all make a cameo appearance in the re-make of the St. Trinians movie.

For more on the girls and to buy tickets for their remaining tour dates, check out the Girls Aloud Official Site.

Prince Harry Eyes Cheryl Tweedy

The People reports that Prince Harry wanted to hit on Girls Aloud star Cheryl Tweedy at the Prince’s Trust concert in Windsor but didn’t have the nerve. Most Wanted singer Darren Hajul said “When I told him how on tour I’d usually pull five or six girls a week his eyes lit-up like Christmas tree lights”.

“He wanted to know all the sordid details. If we could have swapped places there and then Harry would have. He didn’t think Cheryl Tweedy would take him seriously but I said go for it. As we laughed he kept sneaking ciggies off people and swigging his beer. Harry’s a party animal but he doesn’t have a bad bone in his body.”

“I don’t think he ever ased her out in the end. He’s just too shy.”

Girls Aloud Edits New Single

Sky News reports that Girls Aloud’s controversial new single Wake Me Up has been banned on children’s television because of its boozy lyrics. It instead will be edited to remove the references to drinking.

“It’s not long before the track kicks in and Sarah Harding is singing about drinking Bud, which is obviously beer,” a source said.

“Then Cheryl Tweedy wonders whether ‘it’s just the margaritas’ or ‘is a bloke looking at her?’. They’re all grown up women but they understand a lot of young girls admire them and they would never want to encourage under-age drinking.”

New Boyfriend of Girls Aloud’s Sarah Warns Ex

The Daily Star reports that the new boyfriend of Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding has issued a warning to her previous guy, Mikey Green of Phixx.

When Calum Best was introduced to Mikey a few weeks ago, he told the singer, “Good to meet you but trust me mate, it’s the first time and the last. I won’t be seeing you ever again.”

A pal of Calum’s revealed that, “He feels threatened by Mikey because of how long he and Sarah were together. However, he is not prepared to tolerate any kind of relationship between them.”

But despite the heavy hint, it appears that Mikey is not prepared to back off that easily and has declared, “We’re friends, we see each other every now and again and we are texting all the time. So who knows what will happen?”

Javine Hilton To Go Hollywood

Javine Hilton’s been asked to contribute a cover version of the heart-warming Carole King song You’ve Got A Friend to the forthcoming computer-animated cartoon cat flick Garfield: The Movie.

And you can hear it yourself when the song is released as a single on the 16 August.

An excited mate of hers, from Girls Aloud, Nadine has told all who’d listen “It’s a Hollywood blockbuster so of course Javine was over the moon when she was asked to sing the track.”