Jennifer Ellison To Come Out In Europe Only

Neil Sean of Sky News reports Jenifer Ellison is fighting the release of her album because it might hurt her Hollywood hopes. “I enjoyed it, and all that, but I think that, a year after making the album, it sounds a little old so it would be best kept away,” Jennifer Ellison remarked.

“Just look at how they attacked Catherine Zeta-Jones for her failed pop career. It can haunt you for the rest of your life.”

Despite Jennifer Ellison’s pop regrets, her record label plan on releasing a record in Europe only.

Jennifer Ellison Cooks For Diners

Jennifer Ellison gave diners at a swish London restaurant a treat 2 weeks back.

After a slap-up feast at Embassy, the Hell’s Kitchen beauty who wore ripped jeans and a fur jacket asked to help out in the kitchen. “It was so sweet,” a fellow diner tells us. “Jennifer wanted to see if she still had the skills she learned from Gordon Ramsay.”

Embassy’s Michelin-starred chef, Garry Hollihead, gladly agreed and Jen stayed for more than an hour, helping to prepare dinners for guests.

Jennifer Ellison And Her Friendship With Minnie Driver

Jennifer Ellison has struck up a friendship with fellow actress Minnie Driver on the set of new flick Phantom Of The Opera. And Jennifer reveals that Minnie is also planning a pop career.

“Her stuff is kind of like Sheryl Crow,” explains the beautiful star. “It’s really different. It’s great. You’ll be surprised.”

In fact lantern-jawed Minnie, 34, has just signed a GBP1m deal with EMI Records and will release her debut single, Everything I’ve Got In My Pocket in September.

“She actually played a lot of her stuff to me when we were on set,” continues Jennifer, whose new single, Bye Bye Boy has just been released. “She’s got an amazing voice.”

Jennifer Ellison Goes Indian

The young English starlet, Jennifer Ellison, who’s releasing her Bye Bye Boy single in a couple of weeks, attended the Bengal Quay Restaurant Launch Party on last Tuesday, July 20 in London.

She said “I love music. I love acting. I love being in the media. I feel good doing what I am doing at this point in my life.”

Check out Jennifer Ellisons’ pictures, looking all Indian in green, at the gala opening of Bengal Quay Restaurant here.