Emma Bunton And Her Rituals

IGN.com caught up with Emma Bunton for a Q&A and asked the former Spice Girl if she had any rituals or odd little practices she does on a regular basis. ”

Actually when I was with the Spice Girls we used to all do the kind of thing where we put our hands on top of each other,” Emma Bunton responded.

“Do you know what I mean? The all for one kind of thing. And I remember we always used to have to do that and one night we forgot and we all got very kind of ‘What’s gonna happen?’ and it was fine. But back then we used to kind of do that thing. Other than that I would say that I’m not too bad. I’m very much into reflexology and my mother does healing and I love keeping things in balance, so I don’t need to do any rituals just before anything. I kind of just make sure that that happens all the time.”

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