Britney’s Nyla Gets Horrible Reviews

Steve Cuozzo of the New York Post gave an awful review of the food at the Britney Spears’ partnered restaurant Nyla.

Steve said “Almost everything seems pre-prepped and slapped together.” He added, “Grilled salmon tasted more of grill marks than of fish, but you’ve had worse for $17.”

“This tastes awful” Steve’s companion remarked of diner-like red velvet layer cake. “And that’s their best dessert” said Steve.

“A respectable loin pork chop for $17 seemed artificially fastened to the bone. Moist, tender braised beef short ribs that cost $20 can fill two.”

Steve asked about the fried chicken they serve there and the waiter murmured, “I wouldn’t, if I were you. It’s like Kentucky Fried but very dry.”

“To be frank, the place isn’t about food. It’s a pastel playpen for Britney’s teen fans to hang out, lap up the cheerful pink-and-orange color scheme and wiggle to the soundtrack in giant round booths. It’s both ridiculous and adorable, meaning ‘Go in with a sense of humor, and you’ll have a ball’.”

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