Alicia Keys Works Hard In Studio For Album No 2

Alicia Keys wrote a journal update on her official site the other day updating fans on her forthcoming album, and the tough work that has gone along with it.

The multiple Grammy winner said, “You know I’ve been in the studio for about 2 months straight and it just gets better and better. This album is something special. I can FEEL it… But being there for 2 months, 6 days a week, 14 hours a day, can lead you to a need for a day of some straight chilling!”

“Which leads me to right now as I’m in the bed, lights low, covers up to my chin, 2 books on the side of me and bout to have a movie marathon! All alone in a room and loving it!”

Reportedly, Alicia’s full length follow-up is expected to fall later this year or early 2004. Ijn the meantime, you can check out her official cyberhome below

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