Holly Valance’s Dating A Student

Aussie pop vocalistress Holly Valance has found a new man and he’s a Brit! The striking singer is living in London and is reported to have been seeing student Steve Aspinall, 23, who is studying economics at Newcastle.

Holly’s relationship with long-term boyfriend Pete Veveris is said to be under strain as he remains Down Under.

The singer, whose new single is ‘Down Boy’, was introduced to Steve through her makeup artist, according to papers.

“They got on instantly” said one source. “They went clubbing and she invited him round for dinner at her penthouse.”Even Holly’s mother is already a fan of Steve’s and is reportedly encouraging the relationship.

Steve is no stranger to the world of showbiz. He once dated Zoe Jordan, daughter of Formula One team boss Eddie Jordan, and was a hopeful on the new series of Model Behaviour, though he only got as far as the third round.

Holly is so keen on Steve that she is said to be planning to visit him in Newcastle while he does his final year of studies.

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