Dannii Minogue Speaks To Elle India About Sibling Rivalry And More

Dannii Miongue flew into India recently and spoke with Elle India about a whole bunch of things. Below’s an excerpt of the article.

When asked how she grew up, she replied “Most kids went on to do nothing after Young Talent Time, the Australian version of the Mickey Mouse Club. But I got a recording contract at 16.”

“At 19 I launched worldwide! My album “Love And Kisses” was a hit.” Just like her most recent album “Neon Lights”. It stormed the charts.

A straight A student, she told her parents she would go back to school to become a director but deals kept coming along. Now a celebrated Londoner with a successful career in pop music, she is delighted that her music is the catalyst that allows her to travel to exotic locales like India.

Dannii also talked about the media as well, comparing her to her sister, Kylie. She says, “When silly newspapers write ‘sibling rivalry’ it makes me see red. People sometimes think we manage each other and that we sit and conspire as to what we should do and what we shouldn’t do. But the fact is that it is an emotional bond between us.”

For all this and more, click on the following link http://www.ellenow.com/features/diva.htm

Meanwhile, Dannii is said to have recorded some songs and will clock in more studio time later this month to complete the followup to “Neon Nights”. It’s scheduled to be out later in the year.

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