Norah Jones To Break All Records Again?

Norah Jones will be releasing her first single off her new record entitled “Sunrise” real soon and the excitement’s been building.

The music industry and countless fans are looking at her 10th February US release of “Feels Like Home” as the first potential smash of 2004.

“We expect the new album to be the No. 1 seller for Sam Goody in its first week,” says Donna Beadle, spokeswoman for Sam Goody parent Musicland.

Indeed, anticipation for her sophomore Blue Note album is running extremely high after the success of 2002’s “Come Away With Me,” which swept last year’s Grammy Awards.

By the time the Grammy frenzy rolled around, Jones had learned how to handle the ever-present spotlight, but not before contemplating walking away, she reveals in one of her first interviews about the new album.

“I did, at one point in May 2002, feel too much weight,” the Indian/Caucasian beauty said. “I let people know I had a limit and there were just certain things we don’t want to do, like not have so much work without a few days off. And I thought, ‘If this is how it’s going to be, I don’t want to do this.'”I’m really thankful that I know what my limits are and that I can exercise my right to say no.”

That attitude should serve her well this time around. Jones admits to getting uptight about the project, but only when someone asks her how much pressure she feels. “Every single person and their mama asks me that,” the 24-year-old singer says.

Though it’s unrealistic to expect “Feels Like Home” to match the stratospheric sales of “Come Away With Me,” Blue Note executives know that even stellar sales could be viewed as disappointing if they don’t reach the same high watermark.

“I think it’s crazy to say it will sell more than 18 million,” Blue Note president/CEO Bruce Lundvall adds.

Crazy, maybe, but that’s the benchmark set by Jones’ first album, “Come Away With Me.” It sold 18 million units worldwide, according to her label.

Good luck, Norah.

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