Jennifer Love On Her Labelmates chatted with Jennifer Love Hewitt about her new album ‘Barenaked’, where she talked about being on Jive Records and whether labelmates Britney Spears and N’Sync have offered her advice.

“Not really. You know, it’s funny because I’ve only met Britney a couple of times and that was completely separate from, you now, me really being on Jive that much” J Love said.

“The boys I’ve known for a while since I was really young. And, you know, they would sit behind me and pull on my pony tale and sit behind me at award shows. And so, you know, they’re friends, and I think a lot of them. N’Sync have been super supportive of my musical stuff.”

“And, you know, have just been really, really kind. I’m so glad to get to be on a label with young people that are, you know, doing so well in the music industry. And, you know, have very strong views on how they want their career to go and, you know, kind of stand up for themselves and all of that stuff.”

“I think it’s great, and you know, I feel honored and complimented that I would get to be within such a great group of people. And Jive Records has just been so amazing and such a dream place to be that I couldn’t really want to wish to be anywhere else.”

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