Hot New UK Girlband, Ellements Split Up Even Before Their Debut?

The rumour mill went into overdrive recently which seemed to incinuate that the hot ladies of Ellements, UK’s promising new girlband, had split up even before releasing their motown/disco hit, Walk Right Now. They hadn’t been to their official message boards for months and fans were getting frantic.

Well, all that’s set to change. Sarah from Ellements recently said:
“Let me break this down. From January till now the record company put our release on hold so we could make changes to our album. Well, we want you lot to hear the best!”

“So we flew to Singapore and the States to record tracks in studio and have been working further in studios here. We will release soon!”

Ellements look set to release in April/May.

Ellements, Hot New British Girlband, To Give The 411 A Run For Their Money

Ellements are a 4 piece girlband hoping to give The 411 a good run for their money. Produced by heavyweights Bacon & Quarmby whose working credits include Finlay Quaye and Shaznay Lewis, this infectious slice of disco/R&B entitled Walk Right Now is Hot! Hot! Hot!

For the uninitiated, Ellements are the stunning and beautiful Mia, T.J, Sarah and Natalie. Made up four very strong charismatic girls, each possess variety. The common bond between Ellements is that all the girls have had a love of and an involvement in music from an early age.

They come from North, South, East and West London to form a band with a multi-cultural flavour. Four individuals who have strong voices and are powerful dancers in their own right.

Their music influences stem from the seventies era of Motown, disco, up-tempo, happy feel good music, and on the album the girls have collaborated and worked with the likes of Heat Wave, The Temptations and Alexander O’Neil.

Ellements are a UK group with dance and vocals that far exceed anything the UK market has to offer. Each girl represents a different Ellement, T.J – earth, Natalie – air, Sarah – water and Mia – fire.

Already Ellements have raised a lot of media interest with their dynamic dancing and exceptional vocals, being compared to American artists as their abilities far exceed UK artists. Ellements’ influences are evident in their music and style and it is no surprise that they site the Jackson Five, Gladys Knight, Patti Label as just some of their mentors.See Ellements live at these dates:

03.10.04 University of Brunel.
04.10.04 L.S.E. London School of Economics.
05.10.04 North London University.
11.10.04 City University.
11.10.04 City University.
11.10.04 Canterbury Christ Church University
21.10.04 Surrey Institute of Art and Design

22.10.04 Butlins Bognor Regis
23.10.04 Butlins Skegness
24.10.04 Butlins Minehead
29.10.04 Butlins Bognor Regis
30.10.04 Butlins Skegness
31.10.04 Butlins Minehead

Ellements Official Site:

Write this down in your diary. Ellement’s single, Walk Right Now comes out in a good record store near you come October 25. Get it then!