McFly “just excellent” says Natalie Appleton

McFly have already gained a few celeb fans- and now they can add one more (or two, sorry) to their list- the lovely ladies from Appleton. In a recent interview, when asked what pop acts Nat & Nic thought were good right now, Nat was more than happy to speak about Tom, Danny, Dougie & Harry. “McFly are just excellent,” she said. “I took my daughter, Rachel to see Busted last year where they were supporting and I was just blown away by how good they are. It’s very rare to find a group like them in the charts and they deserve all the success they get.”

However, whether or not this means a duet between Nat, Nic and McFly is yet to be seen- but if it ever happened- I’d love to see the results…

UK Acts Such As Appleton, Shaznay Lewis & More Record Song For Tsunami Relief

Urban music artists including Maxi Jazz are to record a track for the Asian tsunami appeal over the next two days.

The song called Give & Let Live will also feature Shaznay Lewis, Jamie Cullum, Lemar, and Natalie and Nicole Appleton. A remix will be done by Basement Jaxx.

The Appleton sisters said “Its for a good cause and the song’s reall meaningful and everything. We ave all got to come togther and help.”

Appleton To Make Comeback?

As part of All Saints, the Appleton sisters won Brit awards and even a gong at the Ivor Novellos.

However things have not quite gone to plan for the pair, and they were dropped by record label Polydor.

Two years on and the sisters are back with an album of anthems.

Nicole said “It was just the wrong time when we came out before.

“Our sound is very now, essentially guitar-based riffs and feel good hooks. We plan to launch ourselves again in early 2005.”

Nicole Appleton And Her Dishwasher

Life in the Liam Gallagher household is so “interesting”.

His fiancee Nicole Appleton said “I like stacking the dishwasher and emptying it. I find it quite therapeutic. When I put the dishes in sometimes I’m like, ‘Is this gonna clean that?'”

“Because sometimes I go to town when I do the dishes. But then I open the machine up and it’s all washed and like brand new. You know, I’m fascinated. I really am.”

Meanwhile, the Appleton sisters will release on the 7th of July their excellent single No. 3 that has been described by some as an atmospheric number much like what they offered back when they were in All Saints with a bit hint of Bollywood. The song’s entitled ‘Everything Eventual’.

Nicole Appleton Still Has Differences With Former All Saints Members

BBC3 will be airing a documentary on the Appleton sisters in February where Nicole admits that the differences with former All Saints bandmates Shaznay Lewis and Melanie Blatt hasn’t been cleared up.

“I did see them in my late stages of pregnancy and just after I gave birth to Gene but there was nothing there” Nicole said.

“It was just because they had to show to the world that they did care about me but it wasn’t real. It wasn’t like a real friend coming to see me.”

Jamie Theakston Blasts Natalie Appleton

Jamie Theakston has blasted ex Natalie Appleton for telling all about their relationship in her book.

Jamie has vowed never to read the autobiography, entitled Together, penned by Natalie and sister Nicole, “until it’s short-listed for the Booker Prize”.

Jamie said “I don’t know why people feel forced to write autobiographies. There’s an arrogance in thinking people are interested in your life.”

He added “Some things are romantic but as soon as the world knows about them, they’re not. It is touching when you share moments of intimacy with someone. But to tell the whole country…”

In Together, Natalie reveals details about their 11 month fling in 1999 which began when she met Jamie on a drunken night out.

She says he threw up in a hotel bathroom before trying to snog her. Apparently, he was so drunk he fell through a gap between two single beds. He is also fuming at her suggestion he was envious of her friendship with actor Kevin Spacey.

Nicole Appleton’s Abortion – Robbie’s Or Cal Cooper’s?

Worlds Apart idol Cal Cooper tells the papers that Nicole Appleton couldn’t have possibly known Robbie Williams was the father of the baby she aborted under pressure from pop bosses four years ago, since she was cheating on Robbie with him.

“She can’t have known who the father was because she can’t possibly have forgotten what she was doing with me before she tried playing happy families with that Robbie” Cooper blabbed.

“We did it in every position imaginable. It wasn’t just on the bed either ok. We had sex standing against the wall, on one of the tables in a hotel room, across a chair. It was completely wild and uninhibited.”

“I’d be having sex with her and carrying her around the room at the same time so we could do it in different places.”

“The child could very well be mine. She’s definitely not certain who the father is.”

Fantasize Aloud With Appleton

My favourite pop sisters, the wicked ex-All Saints’ Nicole and Natalie Appleton are to release their debut single in September.

Named ‘Fantasy’, the track has been described as somewhat similar to the kind of stuff the girls did when they were in All Saints.

A couple of months back, reported that the girls were simply just too lazy to work since they kept postponing recording sessions. Also besides demanding GBP2 million, their new songs weren’t exactly good, according to studio officials at Warner, their former label. Polydor must be keeping them real happy.

The girls, who will go under the name Appleton, will take all their songs to Polydor, making it their first album together, entitled ‘Aloud’. “We created the album ourselves off our own backs so there was no need to change any elements when we signed our new deal” said Natalie. “It has just been mixed since we signed to Polydor.”

The sisters say they are definitely planning to pick up where All Saints left off and don’t want to change their sound. “We love our All Saints fans and hope we can also attract new fans as our music has developed” say the duo. “We’ve been enjoying playing around with new ideas in the studio with no limits and it’s a new beginning for us.”

Since the All Saints split in 2001, fellow bandmate Melanie Blatt has teamed up with Artful Dodger for the Top 20 hit, ‘Twentyfourseven’, while Shaznay Lewis is still working on new material and can be seen in the hit film ‘Bend It Like Beckham’.