Jamie Theakston Blasts Natalie Appleton

Jamie Theakston has blasted ex Natalie Appleton for telling all about their relationship in her book.

Jamie has vowed never to read the autobiography, entitled Together, penned by Natalie and sister Nicole, “until it’s short-listed for the Booker Prize”.

Jamie said “I don’t know why people feel forced to write autobiographies. There’s an arrogance in thinking people are interested in your life.”

He added “Some things are romantic but as soon as the world knows about them, they’re not. It is touching when you share moments of intimacy with someone. But to tell the whole country…”

In Together, Natalie reveals details about their 11 month fling in 1999 which began when she met Jamie on a drunken night out.

She says he threw up in a hotel bathroom before trying to snog her. Apparently, he was so drunk he fell through a gap between two single beds. He is also fuming at her suggestion he was envious of her friendship with actor Kevin Spacey.

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