Fantasize Aloud With Appleton

My favourite pop sisters, the wicked ex-All Saints’ Nicole and Natalie Appleton are to release their debut single in September.

Named ‘Fantasy’, the track has been described as somewhat similar to the kind of stuff the girls did when they were in All Saints.

A couple of months back, reported that the girls were simply just too lazy to work since they kept postponing recording sessions. Also besides demanding GBP2 million, their new songs weren’t exactly good, according to studio officials at Warner, their former label. Polydor must be keeping them real happy.

The girls, who will go under the name Appleton, will take all their songs to Polydor, making it their first album together, entitled ‘Aloud’. “We created the album ourselves off our own backs so there was no need to change any elements when we signed our new deal” said Natalie. “It has just been mixed since we signed to Polydor.”

The sisters say they are definitely planning to pick up where All Saints left off and don’t want to change their sound. “We love our All Saints fans and hope we can also attract new fans as our music has developed” say the duo. “We’ve been enjoying playing around with new ideas in the studio with no limits and it’s a new beginning for us.”

Since the All Saints split in 2001, fellow bandmate Melanie Blatt has teamed up with Artful Dodger for the Top 20 hit, ‘Twentyfourseven’, while Shaznay Lewis is still working on new material and can be seen in the hit film ‘Bend It Like Beckham’.

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