McFly “just excellent” says Natalie Appleton

McFly have already gained a few celeb fans- and now they can add one more (or two, sorry) to their list- the lovely ladies from Appleton. In a recent interview, when asked what pop acts Nat & Nic thought were good right now, Nat was more than happy to speak about Tom, Danny, Dougie & Harry. “McFly are just excellent,” she said. “I took my daughter, Rachel to see Busted last year where they were supporting and I was just blown away by how good they are. It’s very rare to find a group like them in the charts and they deserve all the success they get.”

However, whether or not this means a duet between Nat, Nic and McFly is yet to be seen- but if it ever happened- I’d love to see the results…

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