1 World Cup Song Performed By Big Brother Duo Backed Up By Gay Radio Outlet

Gay and lesbian radio station The Scene is backing Big Brother duo Dean and Bubble for chart success with their World Cup anthem ‘Standing Tall’, which in accordance to some critics out there have recently proclaimed that this is THE British World Cup song and not the one by Ant & Dec.

The Scene’s head of music Stuart Kelly claims the tune could become the people’s favourite in the way Three Lions was adopted by England fans at Euro ’96.

Dean and Bubble will be guest presenters on The Scene between 10pm and 1am on May 1.Stuart said a couple of days back “I have heard most of the other contenders efforts and there is no doubt that Dean and Bubble’s song is very much on the Three Lions Tip, mixed with Oliver’s Consider Yourself makes it the perfect football anthem, which fans up and down the country can sing to, while cheering on England.”

You’ve got to find the time somehow to go check this radio outlet out. It’s brill I tell you. The Scene can be heard on Sky Digital channel 889 and online at: http://www.thesceneradio.co.uk

Dean and Bubble’s ‘Standing Tall’ finally rolls in, come 27~5~2002, so be make a reminder or something to go grab your copy. I’ve heard the track and I must admit it’s very good.

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