Darren Hayes On Being Photographed Sunbathing

Former Savage Garden singer Darren Hayes got asked the other day if he’d like to be photographed when he’s sunbathing on vacation.

“I would HATE to be photographed when I’m sunbathing,” Darren Hayes said.

“I do feel for the people in the tabloids who get photographed with their gut hanging out, but I say, ‘Hey! Stop eating the tucker, the nachos, and the Mexican beer!'”

Darren Hayes Is Popular

The new Darren Hayes single, out 23 August, sounds not only like Kylie Minogue’s Slow but also like Fischerspooner’s Emerge and M’s Pop Muzik, whch maes it so brilliant. It’s entitled Popular.

As you might expect from Darren Hayes, Popular seems to be a satire on the music industry.

The chorus is all “I’m willing to sleep my way to the top, I want to be pop…ular / I don’t wanna keep my feet on the ground, I wanna be popular”, and the middle eight has a brilliant bit which goes “My friends are all in limousines, my friends are all celebrities… I just sold my soul”.

This will probably be a total commercial disaster but it’s absolutely spectacular. Keep a lookout for it.

Additional Too Close For Comfort Tour Dates

Further dates added to Darren Hayes’ Too Close For Comfort Tour..

26 September Sands Centre

4 October Manchester

14 October Wolvs Civic Hall

15 October Plymouth Pavillions

16 October London Hammersmith Apollo

18th October Belfast…Maysfield Leisure

19th October Dublin…Vicar Street

22th Oct Copenhagen…KB Hallen

23rd Oct Stockholm…Annexet

25th Oct St Petersburg…New Arena

26th Oct Moscow…Kremlin Palace

28th Oct Moscow…Kremlin Palace

2nd Nov Helsinki…Espo Arena

8th Nov Mexico City…Teatro Metropolitan

9th Nov Mexico City…Teatro Metropolitan

12th Nov Tokyo…Ebisu Garden Hall

13th Nov Tokyo…Ebisu Garden Hall

15th Nov Nagoya…Bottom Line

17th Nov Osaka…Nanba Hutch

19th Nov Singapore…Fort Canning

21st Nov Teipei…Dr. Sun Yat-sem Memorial Hall

23rd Nov Manilla…Araneta Coleseum

26th Nov Bangkok…Queen Sirkat National Convention Centre

Fans attenting the Wolverhampton concert on 14th October in the UK..You need to contact the place you purchased your tickets from if you have STANDING tickets because the venue is now all seated and your standing tickets will need to be exchanged. This applies to 14th October ONLY.

More Downsizing For Darren Hayes

Less than two weeks after it was suggested that he was struck-off their high priority artist list in the US, former Savage Garden singer Darren Hayes has now had his website downgraded by Columbia/Sony records.

“After almost three years… Sony are unable to keep me on any longer due to cutbacks within the company” said the moderator who’s maintained the increasingly ailing message board for Savage Garden and Darren Hayes since 1999.

The bad news comes hardly two weeks after Columbia Records’ decision to remove Darren off their US high priority list, which includes Celine Dion, Ricky Martin and Jennifer Lopez. This is the result of the failure of his solo single, ‘Insatiable’ and the subsequent album, ‘Spin’.

It still isn’t clear how www.darrenhayes.com is to be run in the future but some sort of information service will be maintained, apparently.

Darren Hayes will release his second UK single from ‘Spin’, which is entitled ‘Strange Relationship’, out 8th of July.

Darren Hayes Not A Priority

It appears that former Savage Garden singer, Darren Hayes, has been struck-off Columbia Records’ high priority list in the US. What led to that? Well, that occurred because of the failure of his solo single and album.

The record label decided to give Darren the same status as Celine Dion, Ricky Martin and Jennifer Lopez, all of whom are huge global bestsellers, after seeing that he used to have a popular and flourishing career when he was still linked up with Savage Garden.

However, the transatlantic failure of Darren’s debut single, ‘Insatiable’, and the album, ‘Spin’, which both fought miserably to make the US Top 40, has forced Columbia Records, to rethink his marketability.

The company, to a certain extent, blames Darren Hayes’ decision to ditch an $800,000 music video, after complaining the choreography looked rather “too gay” and the fact that he reverted to his natural blond hair for his solo work.

According to Darren, he dyed his hair black for Savage Garden as “a metaphor for feeling like I had to become someone else.” However, the press in Australia reported recently that people basically are failing to recognise the singer with his blond locks and hat, commenting “as it stands, the music video for ‘Insatiable’ looks like it’s from some blond guy named Darren Hayes.”

Darren Hayes will release a second UK single from ‘Spin’, which is entitled ‘Strange Relationship’, which I give 3 stars out of 5, on the 8th of July.