More Downsizing For Darren Hayes

Less than two weeks after it was suggested that he was struck-off their high priority artist list in the US, former Savage Garden singer Darren Hayes has now had his website downgraded by Columbia/Sony records.

“After almost three years… Sony are unable to keep me on any longer due to cutbacks within the company” said the moderator who’s maintained the increasingly ailing message board for Savage Garden and Darren Hayes since 1999.

The bad news comes hardly two weeks after Columbia Records’ decision to remove Darren off their US high priority list, which includes Celine Dion, Ricky Martin and Jennifer Lopez. This is the result of the failure of his solo single, ‘Insatiable’ and the subsequent album, ‘Spin’.

It still isn’t clear how is to be run in the future but some sort of information service will be maintained, apparently.

Darren Hayes will release his second UK single from ‘Spin’, which is entitled ‘Strange Relationship’, out 8th of July.

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