Mis-Teeq’s On The Ball

Mis-Teeq have slammed the state of female pop star football, dismissing their Soccer Six opponents as more interested in their nails than the beautiful game.

Celebrating their victory in the recent charity football fundraiser, the unstoppable girl group phenomenon complained that their female opponents were bad sports.

“That was the first year we were invited to put a team together and we went there and we just kicked butt. People had trouble handling that since we heard they called us dirty!”

Alesha explained that personal grooming seemed to be the priority of most of the players “We were playing girls that were very much, like, ‘Ooh, don’t break my nails’ kind of thing.”

Amongst players that included former Atomic Kitten’s Kerry Katona, Lisa Rogers, Suzanne from Hear’Say and Cat Deeley, Mis-Teeq didn’t have much trouble cruising their way through to win the finals.

“In every single game we played, nobody scored against us.”

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